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Reviews Comments: Harry Potter Harry Potter whole series review by girlygothgeek

Book one: it was a little slow and the characters a little flat but i loved the way they became friends. nothing makes you best friends better than fighting a troll together. Book two: the story was better the characters still a little lacking in personallity but a bit more is shown about the golden trio and for the first time it shows that those at the ministry are stupid. Book three :in this book is where the characters started really developing deeper personalitys. In this book the plot was more serious but still had some humorus scenes like Herminone punching Malfoy. I thought Trealawnys personalty was funny in general and that the time turner was an interesting idea. I think the characters introduced here made the plot better and added a interesting twist in the plot.

Book four: I absolutly loved this one how it introduced Krum showing Rons jelosey loud and clear. It aslo introduced Harrys first love intrest Cho Chang. Personly I hated her. Ever since 2 I wanted harry and ginny together. I thought the book was great and the plot was completely unexpected. Book 5: ABSOLUTLY LOVED IT! It was amazing I love luna I think luna and nevile should have got together! Dumbrige I mean Umbridge was an amusing oldfudgewad who must have been fun to see her atacked by centars. in this once again the ministry proved idiocy. I love how leadership is thrust at Harry in this and how he takes it unwillingly but does great overall it rocked! Book6: I loved this book but bloodly hell I cried at the end. I love how Harry was getting prepared to fight voldemort by Dumbledor or how he is right every time his friends don't belive him (thats in 7 too about the horocrux at hogwarts) my favorite parts of this book would be slughorn, harry and ginny finnally getting together or ron drinking romolda vanes love potion that was meant for harry

Book7:why fred why mad eye why remus why tonks noooooooo well at least voldys gone (loved peeves song) I thought the story great in general


  • Beyondnor
  • 11th Apr 11
Uhm...just gonna ask you remove stuff that's too spoilery and put spaces between the books...remember, these reviews are meant to bring new people opinions, not every detail.

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