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Reviews Comments: BOOOOOOOOOOOOOOORING. The Forerunner Saga film/book review by the Librarian

Yeah, it isn't what I expected from a Halo book, especially one about the Forerunners. I thought it would be chronicling the Forerunner-Flood War, but instead all it's doing is just them repeatedly talking to one another about the past and such and I'm about a third of the way through the book, already! There haven't been any displays of Forerunner technology aside from the stupid armor, there's barely any exposition about the war between the Forerunners and the human/Prophet's just dull! At least the mainstream Halo novels have some semblance of action in them or something interesting going on, this is just boring!


  • OrKuunArQenByundis
  • 3rd Oct 11
Um... you're posting a review for a book you haven't even finished? Sorry, but there's no way to take that seriously.
  • AnEnemySpy
  • 26th Feb 12
Yeah, it's hard to swallow a review from someone who's criteria for boring is "Too much talking! Blow something up! Whooooooo!" Maybe you should just stick to Sylvester Stallone movies and leave reading for the adults. Or at least don't write reviews for things that you're obviously not the intended audience for.
  • EndlessSea
  • 14th Jul 12
Halo books are mostly for the lore, not action, I would think. This particular trilogy, especially so. It's trying to give us info on the Forerunners in general (Bungie-established canon be damned), not just the war- and we've got a pretty good idea of how that went already from the terminals, anyways.

Of course, my only experience with the franchise thus far is two wikis and TV Tropes itself, so I'm not exactly one to talk. :P Just giving my two bits, 'cause hey, that's what the comments section is for.

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