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Reviews Comments: Corny, bad, and worth a rental only for a laugh Target Terror game review by Bonsai Forest

I had read about this game ahead of time, hearing how cheesy it was. I figured that since I had money to blow, I'd pick it up.

Well, this game served its purpose. It provided some entertainment for myself and my dad for a few minutes. But wow is it bad. And not just technically.

First the technical aspects. Target Terror uses videotaped "actors" as its enemies. Basically, imagine yourself and a couple friends/family pretending to be terrorists or hostages in the form of half-assed cosplay. Imagine filming yourselves in front of a green screen and then putting yourselves, superimposed, into a game. That's pretty much what this company did here with people who can act about as well as you can. They made no effort to hire a good actress to play the news reporter who narrates for approximately 3 seconds before each level, or to hire convincing "terrorists" for the enemies.

On the other hand, that's part of the charm. It's corny. It's so corny it's actually pretty funny, and it even embraces its corniness, with bits of humor such as entering a bathroom and seeing enemies and hostages alike using the toilets.

Less corny and more on the "bad" side of things is that the levels themselves consist of low-quality prerendered video footage rather than realtime 3D, there's framerate stuttering (both for the gameplay and sometimes the enemy movements), and objects sometimes disappear and reappear in a split second - very noticeable when it happens.

The gameplay, though, is bad. I've played Crisis Zone in the arcade once before, and it was actually fun. I felt like I stood a chance against the enemies, being able to use cover to hide. Plus it had physics, with the ability to shoot things and knock them around.

Not here. It's just shoot them before they shoot you, and be very quick about it. You can't hide or use any cover. It's just hair-trigger reflexes keeping you alive. And you will die, a lot. With 40 lives, and Respawn On The Spot, I could beat 5 of the game's 10 levels, but not all... on the lowest difficulty! The challenge is absurd, as well as the gameplay being simple.

Really, this game can be filed under So Bad Its Good. Except that it's not just corny, it's genuinely not a good game, just an average one wrapped up in layers of low-tech cheese and graphics glitches.


  • Ronnie
  • 11th Aug 11
The Wii port isn't a good game, but try the Arcade version sometime. It's actually pretty fun.

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