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Reviews Comments: Overrated and cliche Co D clone. Homefront game review by Mc Doomington

Even though Homefront is a new I.P. it does nothing new or interesting gameplay wise and story wise is completely bland, and while the story does a good job of showing the Americans being capable of being equally monstrous it still does nothing interesting. All of this might have been avoided if the devs focused on single player, but they instead focused multiplayer, despite the fact that marketing focused on single player, which was stupid, since people that like multiplayer games will look for something else and especially because there are not enough single player focused FPS games out there, so that was likely a MASSIVE market they completely ignored. And frankly multiplayer isn't that good either.

The characters are all cliches, there's the black leader who dies, the angry one, the humane one, the token enemy minority and the protagonist. The game had a good intro and first level but then EVERYTHING falls flat. There's also the villain Colonel Jeong but he just disappears early on after he's done being "intimidating". Also, did I mention there's a doomed Hometown (the resistance hideout, not the actual town it's located in)?

Also, the ending's shit, do you liberate Colorado? Nope. Do you even liberate a single town? Nope. Do you kill the villain? Nope, he disappeared. So what DO you manage to do? You get some fuel tankers across a bridge, that's it. Oh, and the angry one sacrifices himself, so at least we don't ever have to see him again in a sequel.

All in all it's a boring, cliched game with boring, cliched characters and a boring cliched plot with all the emotion of a bucket with a face painted on it, and no amount of crying children can ever change that.


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