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Reviews Comments: So Okay It's Really Boring Twilight film/book review by Guesss Who

Five minutes after finishing the book, I could no longer remember the plot. I've never read a book that made so little impression on me in any way.

It wasn't even bad, really. I would have remembered that. It just wasn't there for me. It was the media equivalent of the way air tastes.

Kind creepy, actually.


  • RoseBleue
  • 13th Apr 11
The same happened for me. It was the fandom the thing that really bugged me. The first book was okay. I read the fourth (I lost a bet) and I think that one was actually pretty bad, but the first is boring.
  • DominusTemporis
  • 20th Nov 11
You couldn't remember the plot because there wasn't one.
  • eveil
  • 21st Nov 11
If entertainment is boring, then it's bad.

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