Reviews Comments: So Okay It's Really Boring

So Okay It's Really Boring
Five minutes after finishing the book, I could no longer remember the plot. I've never read a book that made so little impression on me in any way.

It wasn't even bad, really. I would have remembered that. It just wasn't there for me. It was the media equivalent of the way air tastes.

Kind creepy, actually.


The same happened for me. It was the fandom the thing that really bugged me. The first book was okay. I read the fourth (I lost a bet) and I think that one was actually pretty bad, but the first is boring.
comment #7265 RoseBleue 13th Apr 11
You couldn't remember the plot because there wasn't one.
comment #11467 DominusTemporis 20th Nov 11
If entertainment is boring, then it's bad.
comment #11470 eveil 21st Nov 11

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