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Reviews Comments: A pretentious sub-par action movie The Matrix film/book review by koreandrunkhobo

The idea that machines, who have harnessed the power of nuclear fusion, will use humans as "batteries" is laughable. It takes more energy to grow the plants to feed the humans than the humans will ever give back, let alone simulate Earth 2.0. It's called thermodynamics.

However, as usual, plot is the least important aspect of this piece of fiction.

Neo is a "hacker" who one day stumbles upon the Matrix. Note that the movie completely omits how and why Neo became a hacker or why he wants to find out about the Matrix. Actually Neo is a rather flat "messiah" character who is there just for beating up the "bad guys". He doesn't say much except "what is the matrix?" and "whoa". His entire "character development" consists of being kissed by Trinity and coming back to life to kill Agent Smith. That's it.

This film is primarily about "fighting the system", an infantile rebellion against authority. The entire world of the matrix seems to be designed for "cool" things, such as dodging bullets and slowing time, to happen. As usual it's style over substance and the directors clearly have no idea what hacking actually is. (Here's a hint: It involves analysing data from systems and coding your own programs, i.e not dodging bullets in a video game). The only person who actually looks at code in the movie is Cypher and he doesn't do anything except throw some punchlines.

The fact that all of the action scenes take place inside the Matrix makes it all very meaningless. Despite his knowledge of "kung fu" (which actually just means martial arts in Chinese), the fights are just boring old slo-mo wire-fu and contribute nothing of substance to the story. The shoot-outs are painfully unrealistic to watch and also boring because we can predict what's going to happen.

Besides that, the film also pretends to have a philosophical aspect, namely that of "life is just a dream lol" (antirealism?). This has absolutely nothing to do with quantum mechanics and anyone who claims that it does is hopelessly ignorant. Quantum mechanics describes particle behaviour using wave functions at sub-atomic scales. The Matrix describes the world as one gigantic video game. Big difference.

All in all it fails in terms of plot, action, character and philosophy.


  • HandyHandel
  • 2nd Dec 11
Sadly, this review pretty much sums up the Matrix and every other Wachowski movie outh there. Sad face :(
  • DS9guy
  • 6th Dec 12
To be fair, the "battery" aspect was Executive Meddling.
  • DeviousRecital
  • 6th Dec 12
As someone who just took a philosophy course based on the trilogy, I can't help but agree. It seems like all the characters are no more than mouthpieces for the Wachowski's dumbass philosophy, not actual people. The setting they created seems to serve much the same purpose, defying logic just to expound their esoteric ideals, ideals which are buried under so much bullshit that they're difficult to discern to begin with. Apparently, the message was supposed to be that to escape the monotonous nihlistic world of the Matrix, we have to make decisions or something, I dunno.
  • GallowsNoose
  • 9th Jul 14
I know I'm thread necromancing here and I apologize in advance.

My biggest issues with the Matrix trilogy was I found myself agreeing with the robots. I'm always a bit of a misanthrope anyway so it wasn't surprising but the fact that the "heroes" were anything but heroes except in the terms of sympathetic writing bothered me. Then I watched Animatrix and watched the rest of the movies which leads to my second problem.

The humans aren't innocent victims in any of this. I preferred to think that the power plants were punishment because the humans brought everything upon themselves. (Of course!) If the humans had brain cell one, they wouldn't have been rolled over like they were. Then we look at the ones in Zion. Really people, you have people living in cramped spaces, eating elmer's glue and otherwise being miserable for your benefit and you are throwing a gigantic rave that would make Nero put away his violin in shame and you're the good guys.

Overall the movie would be better without the philosophical clap trap and if the protagonists were the robots, not the humans.
  • NTC3
  • 9th Jul 14
Much like with Iron Sky, I need to do proper reviews on this one day. Anyway, on above, maybe the point was that's how people actually tend to behave in real life? Seriously, just look on global warming for one example. The first time this hypothesis appeared was during 1910's and by the 1960's, the threat was known well enough for LBJ to include it in one of his speeches. Fast forward 50 years, and global emissions continue to rise. As much as we like to believe otherwise, humanity as a whole grabs the Idiot Ball quite often, with terrifying consequences.
  • thEpirate
  • 9th Jul 14
a) They don't do the things in the Matrix by hacking. b) Is there a movie where the fights are part of the plot?
  • fenrisulfur
  • 9th Jul 14
@Gallows Should an entire people be enslaved for eternity based on what their ancestors did? If you kill someone, did your child bring punishment for your crime upon itself?

As for the party, people in slums are still people. Sometimes they enjoy partying. I mean, they could work all of the time and only stop to sleep or maybe eat, but as flat as some characters may be, they aren't /supposed/ to be machines.
  • Theokal3
  • 24th Jan 15
I personally don't care about the Matrix, but I feel this review is kinda just as pretentious as the movie it tries to criticize. One point, particularly, puzzles me:

"Besides that, the film also pretends to have a philosophical aspect, namely that of "life is just a dream lol" (antirealism?). This has absolutely nothing to do with quantum mechanics and anyone who claims that it does is hopelessly ignorant."

... Who said it had anything to do with Quantum physics, and how is that a problem in the movie?!

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