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Reviews Comments: One Season Wonder? Sym Bionic Titan season review by Sijo

I can't help feeling that this show is (intentionally) being written with only one season in mind. The plots to resolve have been few and far, and some episodes (such as "Roar Of The White Dragon") feel like pure filler. As I write this, I can only think of three major things still left unresolved:

  • The story of how General Modula was "betrayed" by the King (probably a misunderstanding coupled with alien possession.)
  • The origin of The Titan, which probably involves Octus' as well;
  • The revelation of who is Solomon's master (almost surely Lance's father. )

...And that's it. Each could take an episode at most, and more than one could be done together.

Now, there is nothing wrong with having a series planned to last for one season. It's just that... some of the revelations have been somewhat disappointing. For example: Why did The King trust Lance? I was hoping the King would have kept in contact with the boy over the years and been convinced that he did deserve his complete trust. Instead it turns out that he still thought Lance was a loser and only realized the truth at the last minute eg. when Galaluna was invaded. Most of the revelations have been like that, a little too simple. Which makes the series feel like it tries to be deeper than it really is.

I could be wrong, especially if the show does so well that Cartoon Network will want another season. I just wish they had used their episodes for more story and less scenes of wangst and action.


  • Sijo
  • 12th Apr 11
Now it seems the series has been canceled (or rather, not renewed for a second season, which amounts to the same thing.) Although not for the reasons I pointed above, the fact is that, if SBT had spent more of its episodes developing and resolving its subplots for this season, the series would not have a Gecko Ending (and one that left all the main plotlines unresolved.) Too bad. (Although personally, I suspect the real cause for the cancellation was the focus on rather family-unfriendly violence in the last few episodes.)

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