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Reviews Comments: KHR Overall Katekyo Hitman Reborn whole series review by Shonen King 69

Yo, Shonen King here! I'm here to review Katekyo Hitman Reborn. Let's start with the story. KHR's plot seems to revolves Tsuna becoming the Vongola's Tenth boss. Tsuna starts as a coward who wants nothing to do with the mafia world, but as the story progresses, he learns he has to fight other mafia families in order to protect his loved ones. This also helps him become more courageous.

For characters, we have a broad selection of the cast from the serious Kyoya Hibiri to... Lambo and everything in between. Their abilities are widely varied despite there only being seven Dying Will Flames(Or so we thought) to be categorized in.

In presentation, I have to admit, the first 60 chapters of the Daily Life Arc seem to drag on, but once you get to the Kokuyo Gang Arc, it gets better, much better! It made me glad to bear though those first 60+ chapters and is what made me an official fan.

Finally, the world. For KHR, the world is pretty interesting and unlike most manga I've read, it doesn't take place in a Crapsack World like One Piece or Bleach. The Dying Will Flames are an interesting concept and it's nice to see mafia outside the criminal organization stereotype.

Keep it cool, keep it Shonen!


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