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Reviews Comments: Not Riordan's best, but getting there. The Heroes Of Olympus film/book review by Windsong 12

I loved the first series. The writing style was funny and sarcastic, and it flowed well all up to the very end. The characters were amazing and competent, but also humanly flawed and ultimately well-rounded, which I liked.

To put it lightly, so far I feel that The Heroes of Olympus, while entertaining and a fun read, is nowhere near the quality of the first series. The three-person perspective, while interesting, feels like it could have been handled better. It actually feels rushed and I spotted plenty of wording mistakes.

The characters also feel rather flat to me - Jason really seems to have little personality aside from courage and good looks. But even if he is boring, at least he's not totally unlikable.

Piper, on the other hand, is near Mary Sue levels for me. She's a Cool Loser with a movie star for a dad, beautiful - which I would not mind had it been handled subtly, but it isn't - and the charmspeaking and the French are nearing Deus Ex Machina levels the way they're used - she uses them to get out of any situation, even bringing people back from the dead. And she's fantastic at it despite knowing she has it for only a week. And the conflict that was bothering her for like half the book is resolved far too easily - she never had to make the decision between her friends and her father nor sacrifice, both of them get handed to her on a silver platter. Her showdown with Drew felt far too cliche - see every high school Chick Flick with The Libby and the New Transfer Student ever made. And Piper/Jason is shoved into our faces, despite the fact that their initial attraction was based on Fake Memories, and even then, deeper feelings our not, seems to be based more on physical attraction than anything.

But Leo is fantastic and really the only of the three that I liked. He's funny and sarcastic, has his own flaws, handles his new found powers and his problems very well, etc. I also liked the presence of characters from the previous series, because it's fun to see how they've been since the end of The Last Olympian.

The plot seems to be quite good, albeit rather predictable. The Roman aspect of the plot is interesting, and it's a wonderful way to weave more mythology in. This series has potential, and I'll keep reading to see if it lives up to its fantastic prequel.


  • cetraskies
  • 7th Nov 11
Piper isn't a Mary Sue.

You're forgetting that Piper has to play the adult in her relationship with her dad. Tristan Mc Lean, for all his Hollywood good looks and charm, is just not a strong person. Aphrodite knew this, and gave Piper the potion to make her father forget about the monsters he had just seen. If Piper hadn't given her father that potion, she would have really lost her father.

Piper is just a kid. She shouldn't have to play The Parent when her dad is there, but the fact is, she is, because her father isn't all what he appears to be. Just because she doesn't have a dark, tragic past like Leo or amnesia like Jason doesn't mean she doesn't experience any harship or suffering at all. Like Percy, she was dumped off several other private schools because their parents (and as good and loving and kind as Sally Jackson is, in comparison to the parents of the other demigods) just didn't know what to do with them. Both demigods experienced being abandoned and uncared for. Percy isn't called a Mary Sue just for being in several privileged private schools and then all of sudden his best friend turns out to be a satyr-bodyguard protecting him for being the son of the Sea God.

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