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Bleach Overall
Yo, Shonen King here! I'll be reviewing Bleach overall. First let's talk about the story. In Bleach there doesn't seem to be any indication of a core plot and the story depends on what the current arc. The one consistent part of its plot is that the protagonist, Kurosaki Ichigo, has a strong desire to protect his loved ones and often the arcs revolve around that characteristic of his. Now onto characters, the bread and butter of a story. Bleach has broad cast of likable characters with very varying personalities. Another example of variety among characters are the various powers and abilities each has, from healing to techniques that could rival nukes in power. However the powers are also a flaw a times. So many characters and their abilities had so much potential but were often pushed to side and even forgotten. Then there's Shonen Upgrades. It's cool that Ichigo has several Shonen Upgrades, but it's a shame that the other characters don't get the same treatment. Even when other characters do get them, they become useless in the next fight. Next up, we have art. At first, Bleach's art is a little blocky but with the Art Evolution, the art vastly improved, looking more realistic in a way. Next is presentation. At first Bleach, was more Slice Of Life than Shonen but it quickly grows into its Shonen category. One of the most interesting thing about the protagonist is that Ichigo is different from the standard Shonen Idiot Hero, he's actually pretty smart, he's just a bit single minded. Finally, to end it all, we have the world. Tite Kubo has created and interesting world with interesting areas, races, and overall concepts. That's all for this review.

Keep it cool, keep it Shonen!


If it weren't for that last line, I would have no idea that you knew how to work the enter key.
comment #6889 spambot 17th Mar 11
Bleach sucks, as do the majority of shonen. And yes, Ichigo is still a standard shonen idiot hero, Bleach just tries to make you think he's not at the beginning.
comment #6955 22nd Mar 11
The story itself could use a little work, but who are you to say something sucks? That's your opinion. If you don't like it, fine, that doesn't mean it sucks. People are always bashing on Bleach, but if Bleach was as bad as even one said, then it would have fans. Also, Ichigo isn't an idiot, he's just impulsive and for a while, lacked proper training.
comment #6962 ShonenKing69 22nd Mar 11
Sorry, that's your opinion, and opinions don't matter, so you're ignored.
comment #6965 22nd Mar 11
What's my opinion? I never really gave my opinion. My opinion would be I like Bleach but I wouldn't recommend it. Anyway, thanks for your comment, it's nice to get feedback. I hate that people get bashed just for expressing their opinions.

Keep it cool, keep it Shonen!
comment #6970 ShonenKing69 22nd Mar 11
Honestly, what's the difference between being an idiot and being single-minded and impulsive? He's like Naruto without the immaturity.
comment #6992 23rd Mar 11
>He's like Naruto without the immaturity

No, he definitely retains the immaturity. The main difference is that he's taller and doesn't talk as much, thus providing better fangirl material.
comment #7005 koreandrunkhobo 24th Mar 11 (edited by: koreandrunkhobo)

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