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I really think I love you for this review. It's just genius.
comment #724 Lime 1st Aug 09
Love? But we only just met!
comment #735 PuppetChaos 4th Aug 09
I can't tell if you're insane, a troll, a genius, CWC in diguise trying to make us see some kind of depth to drivel or some combination therefore of.

I'm going to go with insane genius for the time being.
comment #738 Darkblade 4th Aug 09
This is my favorite review on this site.
comment #772 TheAdversary 9th Aug 09
Insane Genius? I like the sound of that. Glad people were amused by this abuse of the Reviews feature.
comment #821 PuppetChaos 16th Aug 09
Pure brilliance. I can see this made into a Worse Than It Sounds entry.
comment #863 Umbee 21st Aug 09
I love you.
comment #1237 SomeFella 7th Nov 09
Anon spotted. (the MGS gave you away)

Keep up the good work!
comment #1383 Sabre_Justice 26th Nov 09
Chris is awesome. He teaches all you a lesson - how truly pathetically horrible monsters YOU are. Be ashamed of your trolling, cry hard, and then cover in shame, insensitive and dumb ANIMALS. Kisses for Chrissie! Love, Amy Rose.
comment #1445 7th Dec 09
62, my dear, we are not trolling. We are merely discussing the unfortunate endeavour that Sir Chandler has taken upon himself to bestow upon our unsatisfied and unwilling literary culture.

That made me feel weird.
comment #1446 Lordnecronus 7th Dec 09
62's a troll trying to troll trolls who actually probably aren't even trolls, pay no mind.

I almost forgot I even wrote this thing... still flattered, guys.
comment #1456 PuppetChaos 8th Dec 09
Quite frankly many trolls today have elevated their practice to an absolute artform, that so many trolls will never be able to reach.

Chris-chan is one such troll.
comment #1457 8th Dec 09
I wouldn't exactly call Chris-chan a troll, partly because he's (probably) not directly trying to troll. I ask this question: is there really such thing as an unintentional troll?

If he is a troll, though, then he's the single greatest troll in the history of the internet. As well as a damn fine actor.
comment #1458 Lordnecronus 8th Dec 09
Is it possible to be an unintentional troll?

1. Go onto 4Chan's /m/ 2. Post an opinion on a mecha show 3. Step back and watch the fireworks

comment #1461 PuppetChaos 8th Dec 09
My theory on that: if you posted that on /m/ with the intention to troll, then that would of course be trolling. If it was unintentional, then maybe people would think you were trolling but it wouldn't be because you were just being a noob. (not that the 4channers would make that distinction)

That's my Wild Mass Guessing, anyway. I'm probably wrong.
comment #1467 Lordnecronus 9th Dec 09
Chris-chan is not a troll, but one to be trolled. He is the canvas on which the masterpieces of trolling are painted.
comment #1642 Sabre_Justice 10th Jan 10
Frankly, I'm becoming more and more convinced that '62' is actually Chandler, who, having finally figured out after years of bumbling around how to post comments here, is fuelling his deluded fantasies by defending his eye-gouge-worthy disaster of a 'comic' in the way he believes his imaginary girlfriend, or wife, or possibly that bizzare non-existant 'sister' of his, would do so.

I mean, really, 'kisses for Chrissie'? When it comes to the likes of Chandler, I've trouble believing even the most depraved troll would...
comment #1656 Nolan J. Burke 13th Jan 10
Nah, 62 isn't Chris. 62 doesn't have Chris's highly recognizable idiosyncratic typing style which he can't not use.
comment #1766 Aldrasio 29th Jan 10
Only one way to find out - Wait and see if Chris references us in his comics.
comment #1828 BPence89alt 7th Feb 10
comment #2158 2nd Apr 10
62 does sound a bit like Chris, but Chis would then probably post a video link to youtube where he proceeds to make it worse
comment #2318 21st Apr 10
dont feed the troll

anyway this review is made of win and awesome
comment #2459 ryal 7th May 10
I only read a little and saw some quotes from the comic, yet I wince in pain because they don't make sense. Curse you, bile fascination; I will not delve into this comic deeper for the sake of my sanity. Anyway, I think your review is great because I like to read detailed criticism in reviews from various people like you!
comment #3387 SMsoldier 14th Jul 10 (edited by: SMsoldier)
This review. My god. This is art. True art.
comment #3500 zetsubo 22nd Jul 10
@Aldrasio: You mean his Highly Recognizable idiosyncratic TYPING STYLE which He Can't NOT USE!!!, right?
comment #3752 szaleniec1000 5th Aug 10
If only it were true...
comment #3755 zam 5th Aug 10
OF COURSE! It's all an act! I knew nobody could be that messed up.
comment #3966 Marzo22 14th Aug 10
I do think that I love you know PC.
comment #3979 Untouchable 15th Aug 10
Great job.
comment #4181 gumbal1 27th Aug 10
comment #4563 TweedlyDee 25th Sep 10
There are many deep philosophical moments, but I felt when it got a little anvilicious when it came to Nihilism. Still, deserves a Pulitzer prize.
comment #4565 TweedlyDee 25th Sep 10
My good sir, this review is composed entirely of victory. In recognition of your wondrous feat, I hereby award thee three internets.
comment #4830 VampireBuddha 19th Oct 10

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