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Reviews Comments: Am I the only one not wearing rose-tinted glasses? Dragon Age II game review by The Lost Minstrel

I like Dragon Age 2.

I like the new combat system. I play as mage and I like having the ability to not have to blast balls of light at an opponent half an inch from me. Blunt trauma is a nice attack. I also like the new talent trees. I like the new spells.

I like the story. I like that there's none of the 'Ahhh we have to save the world now this very second and ahhhh somemore' in contrast to Origins. I like that there's no overlooming crisis for large parts of the game. I like the subtle build up of tensions.

I like not having to collect entire suits of army for my party. I like them having their own homes. I like the fact that Kirkwall is a city and not a kingdom and so it isn't very big but we see plenty of it.

I like most of the party members. I LOVE Merril. I LOVE Varric.

I like the DA:O cameos.

More than anything though I LOVE the way it plays on what you already know. I went into this game loving Origins. I expected this to be similar lin the way people act especially seeing Cullen in the Gallows as a templar. But they don't. Everytime I do something that I think is siding with one side they turn it on its head. Like when you come across Thrask's rebellion. I wanted to sign up . . . and then I noticed Grace. I love the way that I can't stand either the Circle or the templars. Yes I know Meredith is a loon (with a very realistic and understandable backstory) but if I see one more blood mage I'm moving to Tevinter where I'll see less of them. Grace is from Starkhaven and she's already a blood mage so there must be some truth to what the templars say or is it that Greagoir was really easy going? Why are the Dalish acting so strange, sticking around for the best part of ten years? Oh ok. That makes it awesome.

Every complaint I ever heard from DA:O has been changed for DA:2 and poor Bioware - they're the same things people are complaining about now. Anders has a new voice actor - well I'm not sure they could have gotten away with Cullen and him sharing one this time. Isabella has one too - well I would have only been able to picture Anora otherwise.

They are completely faithful to their own lore. They take what they've shown Fereldan to be about and twisted. You aren't in Fereldan anymore. It makes sense and it is brilliant. Not everyone will live it but it doesn't deserve such harsh criticism.


  • Tambov333
  • 17th Mar 11
As above, but I do like to collect/give armor for party members. Also, the dialog wheel captions a a bit misleading.
  • ArbiterJaxon
  • 17th Mar 11
You literally said everything I feel. I went in expecting to adore this game and you know what? I did. I played as a mage the first time (something I never do) and mages were instantly my favorite class. If you go into expecting to hate it, you will.

I've also never had so much trouble picking party members as I did in this one. I never liked the majority of a class before. But yes. You said all I thought.

Oh and the ability to be snarky? Amazing. :D
  • TheLostMinstrel
  • 17th Mar 11
I admit I spent at least the first hour with the manual open at what all the symbols for the dialogue wheel open beside me. I still preferred it over the first game though where I ended up alienating everyone because I'd accidently be horribly rude.
  • 17th Mar 11
Such an informative review.

That was sarcasm by the way.
  • 17th Mar 11
Somebody sounds like a Fanhater
  • lorddaddyfunk
  • 19th Mar 11
Actually I do feel this review doesn't really tell us WHY this stuff is good
  • TheLostMinstrel
  • 19th Mar 11
I've told you why I like it. I can understand why some people may not think its good but I'm saying I like them, to me they improve the game.
  • 20th Mar 11
Too bad a person reading this review would be no more informed about what this new awesome combat system is like, nor would they know anything about the story that you like, what these new spells that you like are, who the hell Merril and Varic are, why you don't have to collect suits of armor for your party, or anything.

Saying "This game is awesome" over and over again isn't informative; it's just mental masturbation for the fanboys.
  • Valiona
  • 1st Apr 12
I've noticed that the dialogue wheel captions often don't match what you say (although the tone can be discerned from the icon). For example, I've found sometimes that Hawke doesn't say what I want her to say, or says what I would want, even if the wording on the option is different (for example, the dialogue with the hunters in Merrill's Act III quest). among several other flaws.
  • Often, they're essentially saying the same thing three different ways; polite, aggressive or snarky.
  • They often have shades of Viewers Are Morons; do we need to be told that "Hand it over or I'll kill you!" is aggressive and "Please, I need it" is diplomatic?
  • Hardly anything changes apart from approval in choices besides "Yes/no" "Pay" "Attack", "Choice" or context-sensitive options (based on party members or your actions.
  • Investigation is shunted off to the side, making it feel less like part of the conversation and harder to see which lines of questioning you've already pursued.
  • The removal of statistic or skill-based prompts in dialogue (although Dragon Age Origins didn't do this as well as Knights Of The Old Republic, with the exception of the Halla sidequest and the first part of the search for Brother Genitivi) is a flaw that limits the amount of impact your character's build has on dialogue, as well as the number of solutions to quests. Then again, the parts in which you ask party members for their advice or help were quite nice.

As said before, this review does little to explain why you like the things you like, much less what impact they would have on gameplay, and is not very informative.

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