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Reviews Comments: What's taking so long? Young Justice season review by Sijo

OK, the series is about mid-season now, and while many of the plots have yet to be revealed, we have met all the regular characters, and can see the established patterns.

I admit I'm a little let down. Not a lot, mind you, this show is still better written and animated than any other superhero show on the air in America -with the possible exception of Generator Rex- it's just that it feels like they're taking way too long to get the plots moving; so far everything has basically been introducing one fact or another that will play out later. (And btw, I'm surprised they are using Starro so soon after it was used as the main menace of a Batman The Brave And The Bold storyarc.) In particular, why didn't they reveal what is already known to the fans- that is, that Black Manta is Aqualad's father? I kept waiting for the revelation in "Downtime" but it just didn't happen. I know they will get there later, but why the wait?

Also, I'm a little peeved by the way some of the characters from the DC Universe have been used. Madam Xanadu as a FAKE seer? Topo as an Octopus-person? Why bother using the characters from the comics then, if they're going to be so radically reinvented? Why not create original ones?

I'm not really complaining, because the show seems to be heading to some very entertaining events. It's just that they seem to be pacing it way too slow.


  • GamerSlyRatchet
  • 7th Mar 11
Actually, Topo was an octopus-person in the comic as well, so this is based on the newer version, and Xanadu was hinted to be able to perform genuine magic.

Also, remember that Black Manta's twist with Aqualad may be known to the fans, but not the general audience. It doesn't make sense to waste such a big reveal on a story that really didn't guarantee it.
  • Sijo
  • 7th Mar 11
I'll give you Topo, but Xanadu was pretty much ruined. And the information about the new Aqualad's parentage was right there in most media briefs, so it isn't like DC is making a big secret of it. Besides, have you noticed that Aqualad is THE ONLY BLACK PERSON WE SAW IN ATLANTIS? Gee, who could who his father be? (Granted, many people are not aware that Black Manta is, well, Black, because of his costume, but those that do (not just comics fans) would guess it in a second. I can't help but feel like they WERE going to reveal it in this episode, but then changed their mind at he last minute (which again brings up my point: what's taking them so long? Most other series would have had a big reveal by now.)
  • SparkySparkyBoomMan
  • 8th Mar 11
What is the big rush? This is a planned series not a miniseries! Black Manta hinted at having an interest in Aqualad with his conversation that was also reminiscent of Darth Vader and Luke. I personally like savoring plot development as opposed to rushing the series
  • MasterGhandalf
  • 9th Mar 11
They're probably intending to have a few more Manta appearances and build him up as a major threat before the reveal (Vader's "I am your father" would have been a lot less powerful during ANH, for example). The show, like most superhero adaptations is intended to be accessible to non-comic fans, and the average person on the street who might tune in probably isn't familiar with Black Manta. Also remember that the first season is 26 episodes long, so they have time to stretch their legs and they're obviously using it to lay lots of groundwork, which I like.

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