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Reviews Comments: Shamless Gushing (You have been warned!) A Very Potter Musical whole series review by Seven Of Diamonds

Hilarious Potter parody! Yes, it's Americanized, but the Lang brothers writing what they know makes for a interesting spin on the story. At almost three hours, it's a looong show to watch on youtube, but it's impressive that they managed to fit all the key events of a seven book series of doorstoppers in that little time. If you don't have the time, the broken youtube format makes it easy to watch in ten minute shifts.

The music, singing, comic-timing, and even the acting are very impressive for amateur performers. Darren Criss shows off his music skills as a cute, guitar playing Harry, accompanied by Ron (who's like a sitcom character, only actually funny) and a Hermione more canon than Emma Watson. Ginny balances her lovestruck, giggly characterization with a powerful set of pipes, Dumbledore puts some real heart into a campy performance, and Snape is completely over-the-top, but it works. Lauren Lopez kills from the moment she says "Did somebody say DRACO MALFOY?" Even the minor characters, Cedric and Goyle especially, get their moments to shine. Then there's Quirrel, who comes off as a total sweetheart even when plotting murder, and Voldemort who blends "classic villain" with "regular dude" to create an extremely likable, if not loveable Dark Lord. Their relationship ties the show together, and the fact that it's Lord freakin' Voldemort and his minion makes what could have been total cheese into something heartwarming and hilarious. Rule Of Funny is the top priority here, but it really pulls off some surprisingly poignant moments without losing the comedy.

There are some technical issues with the recording, mainly that the music is often too loud for the voices, mainly in the first song. However, as you can see, I kind of liked this show and suggest you at least check it out.


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