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Reviews Comments: Just Too Rude To Viewers The Spoony Experiment whole series review by Bio Yu Gi

I'll be the first to say Spoony is a very funny guy. His lets plays are hilarious, and his performances in the crossovers are great. Here's my problem with the guy though. If he doesn't like something and finds out someone does, he will insult the game/movie/band even further, insult all fans who agree with the original, and not try to pass it off as sarcasm or dark comedy. Not all are as bad as 'Anyone who likes FFX must die', but let me give some examples. In one review of Guitar Hero 5, he mentions the song Kryptonite by 3 Doors Down and says its a bad song. That's his opinion, that's fine. He gets the song name wrong and someone corrects him and says they like the band, so in a note under the video he says '3 Doors Down and their fans can lick my fart-hole'. Recently on twitter he says he found Pokemon Heartgold boring. Again, that's fine. It's his opinion. Fans said they liked it, and he told them to 'suck his pokeballs'. He's a troll of the worst kind, he seems to purposefully make hurtful comments about anyone he can for the lulz, and doesn't care. He has stated several times that his opinions are right and yours are wrong. We understand not everyone likes JRP Gs, or anime, or horror movies; but he doesn't and he would punch you in the face for liking them if he could. He can be so funny, but all it takes is one horrific mention of how Xenosaga was a piece of shit or that Transformers movie you genuinely enjoy that will start staining your opinion of him, and it'll just keep getting darker.


  • Phrederic
  • 5th Mar 11
True, in a way. But I would like to add that even though he insults you, that doesn't mean he hates you. He gets along with plenty of people who like Transformers, or Final Fantasy, or whatever, he just doesn't express his opinions in the most mature way. He uses hyperbole, and he uses it all the time.

p.s. He does in fact like some JR Ps, anime and horror movies. He just hates a lot of them too.
  • maninahat
  • 6th Mar 11
Yeah, what Phred said.

You go to his website to watch him swear, bitch and moan about stuff. Why on earth are you bothered when he swears bitches and moans at people as well? It is all meant in the good humour as his reviews. Just see it as him sticking to his hysterical, comedy persona.
  • 7th Mar 11
Because people only like it when it's someone else getting bitched at.
  • BioYuGi
  • 12th May 11
At #3 But you watch the guy to see him make fun of games and movies, not the very fans that are watching the videos. That's my problem with it.
  • randomfox
  • 22nd May 11
If you are really so sensitive you can't deal with someone making fun of you in-between wearing the sillyest costumes on gods green earth to do a skit about kicking himself in the nuts, then I advise you to stay off the internet.
  • 13secondspastmidnight
  • 5th Jul 11
You might want to remember, that the majority of this IS a persona he puts on. He even mentions this in one of his commentaries. You'll notice that he's friends with a huge number of people whose opinions he disagrees with, and he doesn't attack them for their opinions. The attacks you're talking about are of the "I can't believe people are so stupid that they like this crap" variety, not the "I have a personal vendetta against you for disagreeing with my opinion" variety. He's not going to hunt you down because you like FFVIII or FFX... although he might hunt you down if you say you like Highlander: The Source, but he wouldn't be the only person who'd do that.

It's forwarding an aggressive dislike, but I wouldn't call what he says in his reviews trolling to any extent. You might think he's a Jerk Ass for saying it, but he just doesn't fit the criteria for Troll, and I'm pretty sure none of his contemporaries who disagree with him on certain subjects would call him this either.
  • psycher7
  • 6th Jul 11
I still think he crosses the line. Instead of focusing on the WORK being reviewed, he turns his comments onto the AUDIENCE. Which is too bad, because I actually like a lot of his stuff unlike, say, Distressed Watcher, who is a talentless moron with an ego. Spoony is becoming more like him and needs to just step back or something. Maybe Linkara can talk some sense into him...
  • eveil
  • 8th Jul 11
I suppose it would be difficult to focus on commenting on the work when there's so much more juicy things to say about the audience.
  • psycher7
  • 10th Jul 11
Except that's not what a reviewer is supposed to do. It basically devolves into an extended ad hominem. "If you like X, you suck!" instead of "I don't like X and here are my reasons." There are quite a few things I dislike rather intensely, but (with few exceptions) I don't extend that dislike to those whose aesthetic sensibilities are different from my own.
  • Wackd
  • 12th Jul 11
This may interest you. To sum up, if you're too lazy to read the whole thing—he has no issues with fans unless they can't acknowledge any fault in their chosen work, the mocking's all in good fun, and if it makes you feel any better he's a pretty big fanboy too. So don't worry about it.

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