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Reviews Comments: Poorly done Dreamgirls film/book review by Phrederic

Dreamgirls is not a good movie, it fails completely at creating likable protagonists and unlikable antagonists, drags, and is filled with boring, uninspired musical numbers that waste our time, which simply kill a musical.

Let me start with the music, I hated it, it was as bland and unoriginal as music can be, I seriously can't remember a single bar or lyric. Maybe sixties music was this bland and they're just trying to imitate, but I really don't think so. The singing was decent enough when Effie wasn't trying way to damn hard, but with such bad material nobody could save it.

Now onto the big problem, the characters, namely Effie and Curtis. I'll say it simply, Effie White is the least likable protagonist I have ever seen. She's pushy, arrogant, rude, inconsiderate, selfish and delusional, her treatment of the Dreams and her associates borders on the sociopathic, she insults Deena and Lorrell and takes advantage of their kindness to hog the spotlight constantly, she hides her pregnancy from the father then runs off for ten years denying Curtis the chance to be a part of Hope's life, and her repeated efforts to immediately embark on a solo career before she even gets established in the music industry is insane.

Now to Curtis, he's not a bad person, he tries (and succeeds) to make those he manages stars, gets them jobs and popularity in white America (which probably did a lot more to help racial relations than a thousand crooning divas) and if it wasn't for his two abrupt and out of character dog kickings I would've continued rooting for him till the end. His plan works, you have to game the system sometimes, and any artist with as many things going against them as Effie had (look, ethnicity, gender and background) would've never made it as a star without some compromises, to think otherwise is ridiculous. Hell, Effie only made it because her friends were there to help her.

All in all, this movie is bad, Jennifer Hudson did not deserve an Oscar for her role and I have no idea whatsoever why it received so much praise, I understand the interest in the rise of African-American's in music, but for the love of God, watch Ray instead, it's much better and Jamie Foxx is supposed to be likable in it.


  • 18th Feb 11
Sorry they couldn't make another movie with your perfect flawless Mary Sue as the main protagonist.
  • Phrederic
  • 18th Feb 11
There's a big difference between a likable character and a Mary Sue. I enjoy antiheroes, but they still need to be heroes, Effie displays very little sympathetic qualities throughout the movie, and it makes it near impossible to care about her and her struggle. All the characters were awful, and none of the actors had the charisma to turn them into Evil Is Cool.
  • taylorkerekes
  • 17th Jun 11
Your review is 100% wrong. You obviously have no taste whatsoever.
  • MsCC93
  • 28th Dec 12
I agree and disagree with this review. I agree about Effie's attitude. She's much of a Jerkass Woobie if you think of it, but with some redeeming qualities. It's one thing to say Effie was a bad character, but Curtis?? Come on! He started off as a good business man, but to me, he crossed the line when he tried to ruin Effie's solo career.

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