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Reviews Comments: Awesome book. The Great Gatsby film/book review by Enunciability

I had to read this book for my 11th grade English class last month, and I enjoyed it.

After reading first chapter, I literally just started randomly gushing about how great it was to my classmates and friends. All of whom looked at me incredulously, because I trash practically every book we have to read for English class. I'm not the type to be impressed with "deeper meanings" of books like Daisy's yellow/white clothing is ~symbolic!~ or the car crash is ~foreshadowing!~...but The Great Gatsby is just that good.

Fitzgerald's style is so pretty that it's refreshing. He likes to draw unexpected comparisons between things - like hot air balloons and dresses - in a way that reminds me of Haruki Murakami. There are whole paragraphs in there that are just...really, really pretty. Ok, my description doesn't do it justice at all, but just trust me on this.

The narrator's sarcastic way of describing everything is great. There are a lot of truly hilarious lines, and I actually laughed out loud a few times.

The plot is easy enough to understand, though there are a few wtf moments like the McKee-in-his-underwear-with-Nick scene. A lot of my classmates complained about how there were too many characters, but after reading Baccano and Durarara I felt like rolling my eyes at them.

As is the case with all books, movies, video games and so on, whether it's good book is a matter of opinion. That said, my opinion is that it's a good book.

Most of my classmates didn't like it, and I get the feeling that if I'd read it maybe 3 or 4 years ago, I wouldn't have liked it either. So in the end, I guess I would recommend this to people ages 14 and above.


  • CrazyDawg
  • 30th Mar 12
Although this book does contain a considerable amount of symbolism, one must still be careful not to go too far into the Everyone Is Jesus In Purgatory end.

And I'll admit that while this book is indeed the classic people say it is, it does take a while to get hooked into the book.

Yes, Nick's narration is hilarious! He's such a Deadpan Snarker.

And yeah, I wouldn't recommend this book to an adolescent reader (reader? Good joke. Everyone laugh. Roll on snare drum. Curtains.) because they tend to have a short attention span and need something that's fun to read. And "Gatsby" makes for heavy reading.
  • JamesPicard
  • 29th May 14
Well, I'm an adolescent reader who enjoys fun books, and I actually really liked this book. It's a well-written thought-provoking tragedy, and Gatsby is an incredibly interesting character. I'm not exactly your average teen, but I still think it's worth a look, though more for juniors and seniors.
  • ElectricNova
  • 29th May 14
I did it for my English class and I thought it was OK. Enjoyable, but just.....OK.

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