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Reviews Comments: An alternate point of view... Exiern whole series review by Redwood Elf

While the "other review" appears to be from the point of view of a prude, obsessed with panning the series just because there is T&A involved that has to be unlocked, (or perhaps from the point of view of a cheapskate who doesn't want to have to pay to unlock T&A), This review will concentrate on the actual story elements.

Exiern takes the cliche' elements of swords-and-sorcery, and turns them all back-to-front. It has several quite interesting subplots going on, and is NOT just an excuse for the artists to draw boobies. The dual nature of the site actually improves the story's accessability. The main storyline is PG-13, while adults can pay to see what's "really going on"

The background of the world is clearly well thought out, as elements of the mythology and cultures of the world are being revealed. We have a culture of shapeshifters, a Fantasy Kingdom, a "The old gods are dead, so now what?" plotline, as well as Tiffany having to come to grips with being female, and from a culture where Females are basically eye candy.

Fayden, the presumed Big Bad, is eventually done in by the princess and not her rescuer as would normally be expected, It appears that the barbarian may wind up marrying the king, and the hero of the story has no interest in slaying dragons.

All in all, an interesting subversion of the "magician versus Barbarian" storyline. If you don't like the members-side eroticism, just don't unlock the members side.


  • 5th Feb 11
It's like you've never seen a subversion before.
  • RedwoodElf
  • 6th Feb 11
It's like you've never tried Sarcasm before...
  • fastforward
  • 3rd Jan 13
Much more honest review. Don't bother with the other one. Pure trolling garbage.

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