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Reviews Comments: This is definitely the best game I have ever played. Spore game review by Mr Gibbering Genius

The best description of this game came from a critic. I quote, "This isn't just the evolution game, this is the evolution OF games." A comprehensive and easy to use environment make this game easy to use, but to without difficulty. Spore lets you play your way, with choices like, "What will my creature's diet be?" and "What will my Civilization be like?" being answered by YOU through how you play, socializing or killing or both. With Galactic Adventures, the game gets even better, allowing for more comprehensive story and play. And even if you don't like playing so much, it's worth paying $30 just for the Creators, which allow to design your own content. By the Space Stage, you can even terraform planets to you liking. 90% of the content is user made. And with Galactic Adventures you get to make you own adventures with props, cast, building vehicles, all designed by you. Also, there is an awesome online community where you can trade creations and feedback. I bought the game shortly after it's release in September '08, and it has been a constant source of entertainment since then. How will YOU create the universe?


  • spambot
  • 10th Mar 11
Nice advertisement.
  • BonsaiForest
  • 10th Mar 11
Although I haven't played the game, I do feel this feels more like an advertisement than anything else. It doesn't really go into depth about why this person liked the game, which I'd like to see. Everyone's entitled to their own opinion, but this feels like ad copy to put on the box.

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