Reviews Comments: Still viable? Probably.

Still viable? Probably.
Even though the opener was a real stinker (as I mentioned in the DMOS page), i'd say the series isn't as bad as people are saying it is. Alex, while still a snarky little elf, does care about others, even despite her jerkiness. Her attitude hasn't bothered me too much, I do enjoy her attempts to amuse (though Harper is still my favorite), including some of the shenanigans she's ended up in. I did get some laughs out of the two recent episodes with Maxine. But Mason, on the other hand, I don't like as much (he ate Alex's ex-boyfriend for crying out loud, and sometimes I feel he and Alex tend to have issues). I wonder if Wizards vs. Angels will be any good? And for the record, the new opening theme OWNS.

In conclusion, i'll take iCarly and Victorious over it, but imo Wizards still has some decency.


I Carly? Don't think so. I Carly is almost worse than Hannah Montana and the acting is twice as worse.
comment #6706 morbsspace 5th Mar 11
As I've said before, Selena Gomez in the role is the only reason Alex is even remotely enjoyable these days. Which is too bad, since the writing in the first two seasons used to make the character lovable too.
comment #11753 ManwiththePlan 5th Dec 11 (edited by: ManwiththePlan)
What are we teaching our children nowadays?
comment #12321 qtjinla15 14th Jan 12

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