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A Feast for Crows
The first three volumes of ASOIAF are among the finest works of fantasy; an epic canvas of feuds, magic, betrayal, love, warfare and frozen zombies. However our relationship gets a little awry in this, the fourth book. Here I'll summarise with minimal spoilers:

BRIENNE: The problem here is that we focus eight whole chapters on a knight's quest that we know from the get-go is a forlorn hope. Interesting stuff happens but not relevant stuff. The story cuts out just when it might be going somewhere.

CERSEI: A whole ten chapters is given to watching a queen lose her bearings. Interesting,yes,but by this point we have little empathy for this bitch(in heat). Mostly a window to see how other characters are getting on.

JAIME: He's a badass knight in search of a story. He finds it, but only near the end.

EDDARD: Whoops, my mistake.

SANSA: A teenage girl climbs down a down a mountain, when suddenly things get very interesting only to cut ou

GREYJOY: A royal pissing contest leads to a surprising development that won't happen until the next book.

BREASTS: Your need to read about breasts will be sated in every chapter.

MARTELL: A redundant character loses the head he should have been using. Whole plot rendered meaningless by a cripple with bedsores.

SAMWELL: Midget sex? Kinky. Incest? Agreeable. Samwell,even with his clothes on?.......

My main beef with this installment is that as soon as any storyline gets interesting,it ends. This book is more a warm-up, a trailer, an appetiser with god-forsaken raisins in it. It's not to the quality of the prior three but it's not Crossroads of Twilight either. It's dissapointing but nonetheless I'd buy the next one as soon as it comes out.


The worst part is that aDwD isn't out yet...seriously, I would be able to put this book behind me if only the damned fifth book was out.
comment #6168 Owners 30th Jan 11
This book is supposed to get all the boring shit out of the way so the next book can be really awesome, it's like being stuck at the top of a roller coaster right before the ride down.
comment #6171 Phrederic 30th Jan 11
I think you are far too kind to this pile of dung. AFFC is one of the worst books I've ever read.
comment #6173 comodapoltrona 30th Jan 11
So incest is sexier for you than the normal sex of an overweight person? I hope you will some time in the future realize how screwed up you are.
comment #6314 Gweskoyen 8th Feb 11
There's nothing wrong with incest as long as you don't reproduce.
comment #6316 8th Feb 11
If AFFC is the worst book you have ever read then you have honestly not read many books. It was a slow read, but probably not the worst book ever written if you have read more than fifty books in your entire life.
comment #6375 TheKingSlayer 11th Feb 11
Most people don't read more than 50 books in their lives, with the exception of children's books and academic books.
comment #6381 11th Feb 11
I suppose if you read a lot of contemporary genre fiction then AFFC might look better. Myself, I try to avoid trash, but sometimes it gets through. AFFC was trash, fanboys need to deal with it.
comment #6385 comodapoltrona 12th Feb 11
Trash? It was well written, it had some entertaining parts, was it up to the standards or Double R? No, but it still advanced the story...kinda. There were cool and awesome parts of the book.

People are really exaggerating how bad this book is, I've read much, much worse.
comment #6405 Phrederic 13th Feb 11
I actually don't read a lot of genre fiction, let alone trashy books. Granted, I'm not saying AFFC was very good, but saying it's the worst book you ever read is a giant exaggeration. Then again, I don't know what books you have read in your life. Without a doubt, it's the worst book in the series and no one is going to deny that.
comment #6422 TheKingSlayer 14th Feb 11 (edited by: TheKingSlayer)
Frankly I'd much rather read Crossroads of Twilight. In fact, after surviving the trainwreck-cum-freakshow known as Storm of Swords, I'd rather read the Yellow Pages... Now So S definitely WAS one of the worst books I've ever read, and certainly the one that pissed me off the most.
comment #7455 psycher7 28th Apr 11
I agree that "A Feast For Crows" is the weakest of the published four and I hope that Martin gets the story back on track in the fifth one. I am not sure I'd call it trash and it certainly isn't the worst fantasy novel I've read (that would be "Wizard's First Rule") but it isn't good.
comment #7456 Philbert 28th Apr 11
Yes, I think we could all overlook the annoying cliffhangers if Mr. Martin would write his books a little faster. I mean, the next book is going to focus on other characters completely- so we may not even see what happens to these characters until the SIXTH book!
comment #7948 LaCapitana 5th Jun 11
I'm not cogent enough to write a full review, so let me just add in the comments that A Dance With Dragons has a similar Filler feel. Several old subplots where there was a great potential for awesomeness are drained from their awesomeness by Reality Ensueing. A new subplot is introduced with a Suspiciously Similar Substitute to somebody who isn't dead yet, probably because Martin couldn't decide which way to go with the old one. Despite a lot happening you don't feel like a lot has happened in the end - each character's development could be summarized in a sentence or two.
comment #10866 philipw 17th Oct 11
I don't think that either A Dance with Dragons or a Feast For Crows are great, but they are both good books. After reading ADWD, a lot of the PO Vs that were "superfluous" in AFFC made a lot more sense. We're really getting a feel for which way the series is going. They seem to serve the same purpose that AGOT served to ACOK and ASOS... in a word, setup. ADWD and AFFC had some incredibly satisfying moments, even if the aren't as good as the previous books. Here is how the books seem to be structured to me:

Part 1 -A Game of Thrones (setup) -A Clash of Kings (conflict (war of 5 kings)) -A Storm of Swords (conflict and resolve of conflict (Joff's death and Red Wedding)) Part 2 -A Feast for Crows and A Dance with Dragon (setup) -Winds of Winter (conflict (dragon invasion, wraith invasion, winter (duh)) -Dream of Spring (conflict and conflict resolve)

In other words the biggest problem with it all is that either A) the second conflict will be ridiculously complex or B) AFFC and ADWD took too long/put in too much set up. It's probably a combination of both.

And now I feel like a nut. Is anyone else looking forward as much to the next book as I am?
comment #11033 HandyHandel 25th Oct 11 (edited by: HandyHandel)
"There's nothing wrong with incest as long as you don't reproduce."

That's like saying "There's nothing wrong with bestiality as long as you don't reproduce."

I really hope you're a troll, because if you aren't *shudder*... just stay away from me. And your family members. Don't ever have children.
comment #11034 HandyHandel 25th Oct 11
"That's like saying "There's nothing wrong with bestiality as long as you don't reproduce."

I really hope you're a troll, because if you aren't *shudder*... just stay away from me. And your family members. Don't ever have children. "

Assuming no rape is involved, give one practical reason.

Oh wait you can't.

Oh, and I also guess you think anyone who defends homosexuality is gay too.
comment #11037 eveil 25th Oct 11 (edited by: eveil)
"Oh, and I also guess you think anyone who defends homosexuality is gay too."

By that logic, I would be gay...

No, that's not it. I know (second-handedly) of people involved in incestuous sibling relationships and it ended up messing them up for the rest of their lives. Even if though it was consensual on both sides.

Anywho, this really isn't adding anything to the review, so let us stop discussing it.
comment #11041 HandyHandel 25th Oct 11 (edited by: HandyHandel)
Yes, well I know people who got involved in typical male-female relationships and it ended messing them up.
comment #11042 eveil 25th Oct 11

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