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The Death Lands an Amusing Romp
The action is cheesy as well as some scenes of the books. It reads like an action film set in a post apocalyptic wasteland with the blood, guns, and explosions to match. The scenery and certain environs are painted as hostile hell holes you would almost expect out of the Fallout game world but with more grit and terror.

The Good guys are a shade of gray and the bad guys blacker than coal.

The characters are not devoid of development and they do make you curious about the nature of the various characters that are made big names. You are however left wondering at the end what happened to the rest of the characters in the end. A little closure at the end of the Pilgrimage to Hell would have been nice for the remaining party. But this out weighed by the potential for continued adventure and entertainment at the end of the book.

More is done with the stories in subsequent books.

Some bits of the story skip around a bit or forget to adress some points that were brought up. Some of the internal monologues are not very well placed but they help develop the characters. There is also plenty of humor of standard and the dark humor variety.
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