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Reviews Comments: If TV Tropes ruins your life, Homestuck consumes it Homestuck whole series review by Skyrius

Homestuck is hard to pin down into one category. At the beginning it was an Affectionate Parody of world-building games and RP Gs. After a while, it became increasingly obvious that it was just the surface of a universe shattering, timeline warping, world destroying, creation twisting whirl of events that will leave you befuddled, thinking, and above all, captivated. As the author himself puts it, it's something like Earthbound meets The Sims meets Spore. But beyond that, its tongue in cheek humor, fourth wall breaking (or obliteration in some games), and mind twistingly meta segments balanced with segments of on the edge of you seat action, epic flash segments, strong music and drama creates an atmosphere that this troper has honestly never found in any other work.

However, be warned. The material can be daunting. Hussie updates nearly daily and once you start reading, there is a chance that you won't stop until you look up and realize you have just spend the last 72 hours straight in front of your computer and are now approaching a state close to rigor mortise. The fanbase is decidedly insane (you'll find a population similar to us tropers) but endearing. The author is a former troll, but very much still loving in a very blunt manner. The website and forums crash on a regular basis due to the SHEER AMOUNT of people that access it daily. All in all, it's an experience that has to be done personally to be understood. And it will be worth every moment of it.


  • Haven
  • 26th Jan 11
"former" troll? :p

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