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Reviews Comments: Quick Review Ranma ½ Ranma One Half issue/book review by AC Drawings


Overview: A manga capable of synthesizing harem, shonen, and shojo. Rumiko Takahashi's patented Takahashi Couple supplements thise. Jerk With A Heart Of Gold and Tsundere stuck in an Arranged Marriage, Their personalities stop them from admitting their feelings, leaving openings for Ranma haters to interfere. This review is based on volumes 1-12.

Takahashi is either a genius or sadist.

As a genius, Takahashi invented Martial Arts And Crafts, turnign anything into a fight: Martial arts Tea Ceremonies, Watermelon racing, etc. She masters the elements of any Harem/Reverse Harem anime involving a misunderstandings and people who don't listen. That second part's stupid, though. Akane's so anti-Ranma she won't listen to him tell the truth? Weak.

The story's funny with ridiculous. Mainly revolves around Ranma and Akane Being a Stud/Studette and Studette. The Art is cute and very 80s.

The Characters: Takahashi broke the mold with harem stereotypes by throwing in unique characters: arrogant samurai guy, a crazy ballet girl, an amazon with a commitment, a dude who was really a lady, and more!


Killing. Everybody's trying to kill Ranma, seriously murder! These are teenagers literally trying to kill each other! Proof? Kuno's sword is real, his sister's hidden weapons like spiked clubs and poison. Ryouga's Super Strength (Say no more). Colonge using a shark as a weapon was overkill. Does Japan not have murder laws? Do the Japanese raise sociopaths?

Ranma's situation. Takahashi is a sadist because the Japanese are big on honor. Dishonoring yourself or anybody huge. Read This:

Pillars Of Moral Character

Mostly because of his dad, Ranma has a lot on him. The west find it funny because it's just silly fun. Petty debts to us. Because of all of the honors Ranma carries, it's laugh or cry for the Japanese. Ranma's life isn't funny. He's the most honorable guys in the story so can't choose any one person without putting a huge dishonor on himself and others. Add that Ranma's rivals/fiancees exploit his honorability; the story gets sadder.

Ssmmary: This an amazing manga classic that writes well. It's great until, learning about the honor stuff. Then the story is much deeper than a harem fighting anime. Depressing...


  • DraculaOnABike
  • 27th Jul 09
I'm almost sure that Kuno's sword is a bokken (a wooden sword used in kenjutsu). It's colored brown in the anime.
  • Sackett
  • 2nd Dec 09
Kuno's sword is a bokken, except during the aborted wedding at the end of the manga. Then it is a real sword.
  • lanky
  • 8th Dec 09
This is NOT a series you're supposed to take seriously. Takahashi was aiming for full-blown Comedic Sociopathy here.
  • 2nd Mar 10
it`s not just comedy it`s romance and martial arts but based more on comedy i really wantt the show to continue

  • 27th Dec 10
You know it's not supposed to be taken seriously. Sure, it may have all that killing, fighting thing that doesn't happen in real-life, but do guys turn into girls when doused with cold water in real-life too? Seriously, dude. Get some lulz for once.
  • 27th Dec 10
Someone takes comedies way too seriously...

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