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Reviews Comments: Enjoyable if you have a Good Sense of Humor Ikki Tousen whole series review by Bio Yu Gi

This is a good series to get into if you like all kinds of things. You'll like it if you enjoy ecchi anime, fighting anime, or yes, So Bad Its Good series. I enjoy it for being a good show myself, but I can see how people would watch it out of sick fascination. The fact of the matter is, most people haven't read, and quite a few probably haven't even heard of Romance of the Three Kingdoms, so the story details it takes from that shouldn't matter. It's a fun series that knows what crowd is is trying to appeal to. I got into it through the English manga, and I enjoy the macekering done to it; but I would suggest wary viewers start with the subtitled version of the anime, because the English voice acting is subpar, but does get a bit funnier because they can throw in more jokes with the script changes. If you're the kind of anime fan who can enjoy all kinds of shows and will give anything a chance, give this a try. If the anime doesn't get you into it, try the wackier English manga version for a bit. If you still don't like it, that's fine, but it won't have ruined your world forever because you watched/read it for a while.


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