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Reviews Comments: Worth Reading, with some serious problems. Grim Tales From Down Below fanfic review by Van Hellsing

Like his previous Fan Comic, Bleedman (And others? I'm not certain whether it was a group project or not.) has managed to do something that is both impressive and bizarre. He has taken a mixed mythology from various cartoons, whilst creating a completely independent theme. He clearly knows how to ease up the transition a reader must go through to stop trying to reconcile this work too much with its roots.

Speaking of which, it's worth noting that the important characters and events here draw from a much smaller base than Power Puff Girls Doujinshi, though it still has cameos out the wazoo, probably because the main cast is mostly made up of Original Characters and the 'classics' being aged, altered, or given depth that they frankly never had before. It would be a testament that this comic added new depth to them, but it's simply not saying much, given the original material. The art style is animesque, yet very unique, and it definitely looks good.

The story is overall interesting, but the the frame story means that we already know the end result of everything that happens, which is probably the series' biggest problem before we get into the real controversy. Specifically, the author did a few things that were either considered offensive, or just distasteful. Most obviously, there was a lot of Author Appeal Lolicon Fan Service, though it doesn't seem to be quite as pervasive as in PPGD. More problematically, he did such things as using a mention of many relatively recent disasters in a way that seemed to glaze over any emotional significance to them. Next, he essentially mentioned a force of ultimate evil gaining power through "left-wing politics", perhaps more a matter of Unfortunate Implications than Acceptable Targets. Later, he used a very Theme Park Version of some Judeo-Christian belief system, though it's just so vague...

Finally, it uses Brother Sister Incest (rather, childish crush that may have been blown out of proportion by the circumstances) as a major plot device without ever resolving the issue in a satisfying way. Hopefully the sequel will help this...

All in all, it's good, but whoever you are, you'll probably find something, and possibly several things, that you'll have to take with a grain of salt.


  • 17th Jan 11
The only real controversy people had with the series was with the usage of 9/11 and Holocaust. Rest is just you trying to find filler to make that paragraph seem a little longer.

Would have been a good idea for the author to avoid the controversy and choose events that no one cares about anymore.
  • VanHellsing
  • 17th Jan 11
Perhaps that was more just what bothered me, personally, then. I find it hard to believe that the incest wasn't an issue for a decent percentage of his readers.
  • ilsemmr
  • 17th Jul 12
Don't worry, it was an issue for me too. Actually, I think I got more creeped out by the incest and Lolicon things than the 9/11 stuff.... But YMMV on that...
  • marcellX
  • 17th Jul 12
Incest is more accepted these days, as long as is in fiction.
  • Tomodachi
  • 24th Oct 13
The combination of many universes is actually something good in Bleedman fiction.

BUT THEN Pyramid Head and Raven shows up.

No. No no no no, that is just stupid. At that point, the series jumped the shark for me. TWICE!!

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