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Reviews Comments: Kyle XX Kyle XY whole series review by Lemur

I am far outside of the target demographic for Kyle XY. This show is pretty obviously written with the 17-50 year old women in mind. Some will call foul on this and point out that this show only has one set of Ova on the entire producers board, and to this I reply simply that Barbie was invented by a man.

Plot - 6/10
It seems to me that Kyle XY wants to be a melodramatic version of Lost. Unsolved mysteries, people in black cars with their faces in shadow, evil laughter. Its all there. The issue is, unlike in Lost, you can pretty much figure out the entire show by watching the first season. There are a few twists- but they all feel like they were added in for the sole purpose of making those with predictions wrong.

Characters - 1/10
I really hate the terms Mary Sue and Martin Stu. They have became default pothole terms of the same caliber as I Am Not Making This Up and No Just No. However, after spending a significant amount of time looking- I cant find a better definition. Kyle is, without doubt, Martin Stu. His few "flaws" all appear to be designed for the sole purpose of woobieizing him, and of course, he is a Teen Genius. The writers, though, seem to have figured out that a set of flawless characters have no conflict. The issue is; instead of taking some of the shine off Kyle they make everyone else Too Dumb To Live. So you end up with a cast of one perfect boy and a endless slew of character stereotypes.

Fanservice - ?/10
Oh- Wow. Thats one category I never thought I'd be using in a review of any non-anime series. The sheer fact is- though- that this series is absolutely laden with Fan Service- just not for men. Instead of the Panty Shot and the Hadaka Apron, Kyle gets plunged into countless Shirtless Scene and Showers of Angst. As I am not a fair judge of this- I will just leave it to those of the XX persuasion to decide how good it is.

Not much more I can say. If you are male- this show is not for you. But thats fine. We really cant expect all media to be made for us, can we? Just- Don't make me look at Kyle's butt again. Please.



  • 18th Jan 10
This male troper wouldn't get tired of looking at Kyle's butt... :o) But yeah, even Matt Dallas' looks are not enough of a reason for watching this series.

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