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Reviews Comments: Spore. Spore game review by Da Lucaray 030

Ah, Spore. How I love it. It's a great game, really. But take these into consideration:
  • If you have a really old computor, you'll need a new one. Seriously. We're talking high graphics game, here.
  • IT HAS EVOLUTION. Creationists, beware. Of coarse, if you JUST found out now, I wonder how you have survived this long.
  • Prone to Quicksand box. Yeah. Also, the fact you have this huge galaxy as your own can be a bit... well, not for the weak of heart.
If you are okay with that, I will continue.

The game is awesome. The different stages mean different gameplay. If you're not fond of 2-D exploration, (Cell Stage) just continue onto creature. Dont like FPS-esque gameplay? Tribal stage is just round the corner. Strategy not your thing? There's Civilization...

Did I mention the creators yet? Well, during the game, you can customy almost everything, from houses to your animal to vehicles. Those "editors" are avalible from the start. It's easy to forgrt the game is there when your creating Fluffy the terrible!

The expansion packs are plain awesome. Creepy Cute parts adds more customisability to your cool critters. Mt favorite, however, is Galactic Adventures. You pretty much create your own level. In the form of a planet!

The community is great. Broken base? Spore fandom laughs at your pitiful arguing. I reccomend a site called Spore Wiki. (No, NOT sporepedia. Spore WIKI.) You'll find your truly (Da Lucaray) there, along with a host of others. Everyone is quite nice, and you can write all your cool empires' storys down. There's even a large collaboratin fic!

In conclusion: Spore. just Spore.


  • CAD
  • 3rd Feb 11
Trust me, creationists shouldn't have any problem with this game. It does, after all, have much more in the way of intelligent design than evolutionism!

...Sorry, couldn't resist...
  • Imperios
  • 29th May 11
Yeah, Spore is about being a God. It's not evolution, it's creationism.
  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 29th May 11
Which was responsible for a lot of the disappointment on release, oddly enough.
  • mariofan1000
  • 31st Jul 11
I dunno what you are talking about. My crappy laptop can run this thing really well.

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