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Reviews Comments: Why? Wolf Guy Wolfen Crest whole series review by melloncollie

I cannot see why any normal person would read this manga. Rape and violence abound, and everyone is either a jerkass, a Complete Monster, or stupid and useless (and boring). Or fanservice/Estrogen Brigade Bait. The violence doesn't really provoke any reaction, it's typically Inugami just standing there, taking crap (beating, hit by a car, he does get shot once). I originally used "enduring" instead of "taking", but he doesn't even do that. You can't feel anything for Inugami when getting run over by a car is a walk in the park for him.

Related to that point, I can appreciate a "soul-crushing" story if the characters are compelling, if a Trauma Conga Line is necessary for satisfying character growth, but I'm 75 chapters in and there isn't any catharsis. Inugami just goes further down the angst-hole, while Haguro, I think, has the more interesting transformations.

That's not even going into my main problem with this Crapsack World series, which is that all of this is taking place in a high school setting. We have an insanely strong werewolf protagonist, a very capable, frightening villain, a few interesting moments of insight (I am not counting anvilicious wolf worship as interesting), so why did it have to be a Darker And Edgier High School Drama?

If you are prone to Darkness Induced Audience Apathy, don't read this.

Edit: The series has lately moved away from the high school setting and more towards "let's try to break Aoshika so Inugami can save her and they'll have twu wuv". I don't consider this an improvement. In hindsight, this manga uses Aoshika and the other female characters really exploitatively. But mostly Aoshika. When the manga's not being boring and trite, it's being disgusting.


  • Schitzo
  • 9th Jan 11
Aw, man. The concept even sounded pretty good. That's too bad.
  • Westrim
  • 9th Jan 11
You're wrong about at least one thing; They aren't high school students, they're middle school students. And that setting only takes up 30 chapters and pretty much disappears after Ch. 50. I find it odd that you're writing that no one is useful right after the release of a chapter where someone is in fact helping Inugami, but hey. I'm immune to the internet, so I guess the off stuff doesn't effect me as much as you, or I would have stopped at that bit between Haguro and Chiba, instead of sliding right past it.
  • melloncollie
  • 10th Jan 11
I read the whole thing in one sitting, so I guess I didn't really notice that a large part of it took place out of the school o___O.

About middle school vs. high school: The translation says middle school, but the translator's note said that they are in ninth grade, the Japanese school system considers ninth grade to be middle school. So I say high school because that's closer to the U.S. equivalent, and middle school sounds silly.

I do appreciate that Mr. T is helping Inugami, but that's 70+ chapters in. It's a start, but too little too late, I think.
  • Ometta6
  • 8th Apr 12
Wait a minute.... Mr T is in this manga, and he helps the good guy kick ass and take names?!

........I think you just invalidated your whole review with a single offhand sentence fragment. That's incredible!
  • FlyingGuillotine
  • 24th Apr 12
I'm still going to check this series out. A series being dark (or very dark) doesn't mean that it's bad.

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