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Reviews Comments: Far superior to fallout 3. Fallout New Vegas game review by A Ri S

When FO:NV was announced as being done on Bethsoft's Gamebryo engine, I was kind of disappointed since I had been hoping for an isometric turn-based shooter ala Fallout 1/2, but whatever disappointment I had appears to be entirely unjustified. It seems that Obsidian spent whatever time they didn't use on coding a new game engine on making an excellent game.

Gameplay wise, skills and stats now have much greater effect compared to FO 3. Most skills and some stats now have conversation options and other uses.

Combat in FO:NV is near identical to that of FO 3, i.e. still real-time with VATS, with the major differences being close combat moves and Damage Threshold in place of Damage Resistance. Proper game balancing also serves to make combat less of a cakewalk.

Crafting is greatly overhauled in FO:NV, it is now possible to manufacture food, ammunition variants and weapons. The addition of weapon mods ensures that any weapon you find can be used throughout a vast majority of the game, allowing players to personalize their own weapons so you don't get stuck with the same old uniques.

Game length is far greater than FO 3. Comparison:
  • FO 3 in short: Bugger around for 100 hours looking for stuff to do (17 side quests), find father, save wasteland, die/don't die. 11 main quests from head to tail. 2 skippable.
  • FO: NV in short: Bugger around for 300 hours looking for stuff to do (75 side quests, ~25 mutually exclusive), find Mc Guffin , use Mc Guffin in one of four choices, conquer/sack/help conquer/defend New Vegas. 7-13 main quests from head to tail. 2 skippable.

In simpler terms: You are expected to fail more quests in New Vegas than you discovered in Fallout 3.

Narrative is the usual Obsidian Entertainment grade excellence, blowing FO 3's voice acting, storyline, setting and character development out of the water like the Bismarck sinking HMS Hood in WW 2. See Kot OR 2, NWN 2: Mask of the Betrayer or Alpha Protocol for examples.

As is to be expected of a Obsidian release though, this game is riddled with more bugs than S.T.A.L.K.E.R.: Shadow of Chernobyl. Players are advised to have a finger permanently glued to the quicksave key.

Running out of space, so tl;dr: Fallout: New Vegas is probably the best combination of Obsidian Entertainment and Bethesda Softworks expertise. If pressed, get this over Fallout 3, you're not missing anything.


  • pvtnum11
  • 10th Jan 11
I'm wondering if the next thing they'll do with teh franchise now, is to do a remake of either of the first two games using the current tech they have now. Fallout 2 in FPS mode with VATS? I'd play it.

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