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Reviews Comments: Love this game Alpha Protocol game review by Dobbytheelf

Got this game for Christmas, completed it twice, regardless of what the reviews say, in my opinion, this beats ME 2.

One point over the majority of Bioware games that this game possesses is your relationships with other characters , in this game, their interactions with you change depending on your relationship with them and so on, and things like playing as an arrogant jerk can come back to bite you later.

The characters are mostly pretty entertaining, Steven Heck is definitely the most fun, with his conspiracy theories and sociopathy that's so OTT that you can't help but laugh.

The gameplay meanwhile, though not perfect, allows for a decent range of different approaches, you can sneak about, go in full attack, rely on non lethal gadgets or grenades, while your range with weapons (Especially the pistol) do improve as you level up, at first the range for them is pretty lame, with precision shots with the pistol only working at very close range.

The main problems with this game are the graphical glitches, with objects sometimes rendering as you enter the area, a pity since this is an otherwise good looking game, despite all the reports with other glitches, I've only encountered one major one so far, which kept me locked in a crouch position till I reloaded a save.

The Romances seem to be rather rushed, moreso than Mass Effects "Three convo's and you're done" romances, because at least with that game you knew you were going into a romance, while I managed to romance Madison St James purely BY ACCIDENT.

Thornton is also a step down from The Exile from KOTOR 2, pity since aside from Dragon Age's player character, Obsidians Exile was my fav WRPG player character.

Still, a very good RPG, the plot is entertaining, the characters memorable, the choices themselves - despite moving away from the traditional dialogue trees I tend to prefer - are pretty inspired, and the gameplay, despite needing so getting used to, is varied with well designed levels, overall, awesome


  • TomBombadil
  • 27th Oct 11
Really? I had the exact opposite experience with romances - knowing which characters were romanceable ahead of time allowed me to handle things just fine in Alpha Protocol, while I ended up accidentally in a relationship with Ashley and Liara at the same time in ME 1 just by being nice (leading to a very confusing conversation).
  • ajbit26
  • 12th Dec 14
Gotta Agree with Tom on the romance part. Dragon Age has that problem of suddenly finding yourself in a romance with someone just because you're nice to them, whereas in Alpha Protocol, the women will tell you what they are feeling in that regard.

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