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Just Read It
Please, read it. You will not regret reading it. minus is funny, cute, frightening, nightmare inducing, dream inducing. It's in a cutesy style because if it weren't you wouldn't be able to read unless you were into abject horror and for its style the horror is more fridge horror. I can think of no low point in the comic minus herself makes a good frame and the stories that branch off are indeed wonderful. If I had bought it I would not have been disappointed.


I love this comic.
comment #6963 LLawliet 22nd Mar 11
You know your comic sucks when you start begging people to read it. Especially without any information on what it even is.
comment #6966 22nd Mar 11
This person isn't the creator of the comic. I used to read it also, and found it interesting.

And reviews often don't tell you what things are about, because the actual works page itself does that. Click "back to article" on a review and it'll take you to the article of what the review is for.
comment #6968 BonsaiForest 22nd Mar 11 (edited by: BonsaiForest)
This is a pretty bad review. Pretty much no information at all, no details, no elaboration, and no points.
comment #7038 TerminusEst13 25th Mar 11

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