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Reviews Comments: Get In Gear! Power Rangers RPM season review by eaguerra 09

As a longtime Power Rangers fan who tuned in and out, and as someone who watched the series long after it ended, I was drawn into it after reading the entry on TV Tropes, especially after reading the quite apt description of Dr. K.

Holy. Cow.

Like many others who watched RPM, my first thoughts were, "THIS is Power Rangers?!" Unlike almost every season, the villain has actually conquered the whole world, save for one city: Corinth, whose defenses are constantly under threat from Venjix's forces. Led by Colonel Mason Truman and Dr. K, the Ranger Series Operators are always on call, having few opportunities to relax as they must defend their domed city from the virus which has wiped out nearly all of civilization.

I loved the writing, the story arcs, and the characters' stories—my favorite being Dr. K's. I fell in love with the story of RPM after watching her spotlight episode, the eleventh in the season. The entire cast did an amazing job in their performances, but a few stood out in my mind. Milo Cawthorne, who seems like a naturally funny person in real life, provided the most laughs as Ziggy Grover. James Gaylyn seemed like a natural fit for the practical and tough-as-nails Colonel Truman. And finally, Olivia Tennet, the youngest of the core cast, brought the best performance as the hilariously socially inept genius Dr. K, whose story was the darkest of them all. Her emotionally gripping portrayal of the character made me love her, in spite of her mistakes.

I also loved the humor the series provided. Spandex jokes aside, fans and non-fans of the Rangers series would enjoy the lampshading of things taken for granted in the series, even if they've only watched the first installment. How Saban failed to see the humor in RPM is beyond me.

The only flaw that I could see was that the series was too short. The ending can also be quite confusing for some. And I could see how certain characters, especially Gem and Gemma, can be grating. (For the record, I loved those two. Boom time? Oh, yes.)

Even so, RPM was a decent attempt at making Power Rangers epic again. Now that Haim Saban has the rights to his cash cow franchise back, only time will tell if Samurai lives up to the hype.


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