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Reviews Comments: All Guts, No Glory Franken Fran whole series review by Axelx Gabriel

When you get right down to it, Franken Fran is nothing more then a B-Horror story that relies more on guts and gore then on actual story. At the most, it can be called a guilty pleasure, at the least it can be plainly seen as a series that is trying way too hard to try to be scary. Sure the talk of all the gore and etc would draw and fascinate people to those who just hear it, but what they end up getting is a Manga that replaces character depth, sensible writing and even scariness with just plain gore.

The fact is, people say all the graphic imagery is supposed to be scary, but when you get down to it variations of the same could be seen in other places and even better. This series runs on the concept solely on doing two page spreads of horror which after awhile, turn into the Manga version of a Jump Scare. Which like all others of its kind, loses it's scare factor over time. People say the character of Fran can be seen as childish or just not understanding of what she does. Yet after horror upon horror she that she performs on other people: It hits you eventually that she is neither sympathetic, nor a likable character in anyway.

In the end if you like it, go right ahead and read it. But as it is story-wise it becomes undefendable, and scary-wise it becomes boring.


  • Scardoll
  • 30th Dec 10
I actually stopped reading Franken Fran... But that's because the site I was pirating it from shut down (Yes, I'm a cheap ass).

The series is gorey, but I actually like how twisted it is at points. For example, Justice is essentially a Kamen Rider deconstruction, but unlike that awful movie deconstruction, it still doesn't take itself very seriously.

It's definitely NOT for those who want a deep, long-running story arc, but it's certainly not just gore.
  • anonymous738
  • 18th Jun 11
I disagree, Franken Fran is hardly all that gory... sure, it's not scary, every chapter is like a one shot. But I doubt it was intended to be pants-crapping horror, it's just supposed to be twisted and funny(?).
  • karhs
  • 4th Dec 12
It may not have a complex story, but then, it's episodic. If you think that it's just a bunch of gore, however, you obviously missed the point. The gore goes along with it, but the main points of the manga are body horror and dark humor. It was, at least to me, hilarious in many places, and on top of that it just got funnier the more I thought about it. People who focus on the gore are going to get a crappy experience, but people who appreciate the humor are going to enjoy it. Also, the characters seemed at least reasonably developed to me, and Fran was certainly likable. While she understood what she was doing, she felt like it was the right thing to do in every situation.
  • RakuroKamigama
  • 26th Jan 13
As a recent reader I found the series quite... well interesting and intriguing. I go for the plot of most things and if there's no plot I just go with the action. I don't really bother with what I read as long as it's above my very low expectations. Franken Fran, you have to get by the gore in order to get the point. Maybe if it has less gore, more readers would notice the twists and lessons in the end, but that wouldn't make it Franken Fran.

I think Franken Fran is like one of those series where you can just read one chapter per day or per week and you'd never feel lost. Not just gore after all

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