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Reviews Comments: Didn't help at all The Ugly Barnacle film/book review by Progeny Ex Machina

The Ugly Barnacle, as a motivational story, falls flat. For the first half, the reader expects an uplifting spiritual journey of an ugly barnacle overcoming its physical flaws and learning to accept itself for what it is; the Downer Ending is a clear attempt to avert the Dead Horse Anviliciousness common to this type of tired tale, but overshoots its target and causes the reader to feel let down and possibly even more depressed than when they began. As a standalone work of fiction, it does fairly well, but I don't recommend The Ugly Barnacle if one hopes to feel better about oneself, or to assist another in the same; they will most likely find that it doesn't help at all.


  • Anomalocaris20
  • 22nd Mar 13
You just have bad breath.
  • LitleWiggle
  • 14th Aug 13
Progeny Ex machine, This review didn't help at all!
  • MAI742
  • 1st Aug 14
I'm afraid your understanding of the verisimilitude of the story is sorely lacking. What this story lacks in motivation, it more than compensates for by its superlative understanding of human - and arthropod - nature. The character development, and its place at the heart of the narrative, is something you've just missed completely and that's inexcusable in my opinion.

Anyhow. One should actually read the something before one goes criticising it like that so baselessly! I bet you didn't even finish it!
  • Juneberries
  • 26th Mar 15
Ugh. Something Smells about this review.

...Sorry. Stinks! Something stinks!

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