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Reviews Comments: So far, so good. Transformers Prime arc review by Chesire Rat

After the undeserved cancelation of Transformers Animated, I must admit that I was initially apprehensive and quite saddened at the idea of completely new series, if only because TF: A was such a success, and replicating such a success was in my opinion a near impossibility given the perpetually broken state of the Transformers fandom. Sure, not everyone loved TF: A, but despite the initial misgivings concerning the art style, I feel that a large majority of the fan base warmed up to it by the third series. Thankfully, my fears seemed to have been unfounded as casting announcements confirmed the return of Frank Welker ad Peter Cullen reprising both their original roles, and initial screenings reported that the new series would be a dark toned mix of both Animated and the film series styles. Needless to say, as a long-standing Transformers fan, I was pretty damn pumped for this show!

I was fairly impressed by the "Darkness Rising" arc, though I did have some trouble with the human characters (always the weak link), namely: MIKO!!! What an annoying little fungus of a character! I know that she was meant to represent the ubiquitous fan-girls in this show's fandom, but I forget where it was stated that Transformers fan-girls have no sense of self preservation, or tact, or even a fecking brain for that matter! Hell, I'm a fan-girl and I wanted to punch her upside the head! Let the decepticons have her! Still, as it's only a five episode opener, I'm sure that the series proper plans to further develop her (outrageously annoying) character, so maybe she can still be saved from the scrappy heap.

However, apart from that unpleasantness, the show held up pretty well. Two out of the three main human characters come across as pretty likeable, and the robot characters get their share of screen time. The autobots come across as reasonably competent (though their reasoning behind taking in the kids is a bit unbelievable), and the decepticons actually come across as a threatening opposing force! Let's just say, the other fan girls are going to have a hard time fitting Starscream into those leather pants this time around!

So, yeah, a fairly good start to the series, Megatron's little zombie plot was a great way to introduce our new macguffin for the series, and both the story and characters are well-written and clearly not just for the little kids.


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