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Reviews Comments: Cliche Storm at its Finest Mass Effect 1 game review by Mukora

Mass Effect, for those of you who don't know is a choice-centered RPG, akin to... well, most of Bio Ware's other RP Gs. The game entices you with an '80s-style space epic, and pulls you in and never lets go. This says a lot for Bio Ware's storytelling.

The characters in ME 1 are interesting. Though, a few of them fell a bit flat for me. (Tali, most notably. She was basically a walking codex entry. I was pleased when she became fleshed out in ME 2.) However, there are such gems as Wrex, an idealistic krogan merc, who laments the sad fate of his species. Garrus, basically Space!Bat Man, he quits C-Sec because of all the red tape (Sidenote: I've never heard the term "red tape" used more than when playing Mass Effect) and joins Shepard's noble cause.

Speaking of Shepard, the character customization of this game is pretty good. Not the best in the business, but passable. You get to choose your background, face (Though, for some reason, a lot of people choose not to.) and class. With the option of bonus talents unlocked from achievements.

Now onto the gameplay. ME 1's combat is pretty bare-bones. The power system is much more in-depth than it's successor, the RPG system is more fun to manage, and the overheating system is more fun to use than the thermal clip system (Why doesn't my gun eventually cool off in ME 2, anyway? SENSE. THIS DOES NOT MAKE IT.) but the actual shooter mechanics leave much to be desired. The inventory is horrible, the squadmate "AI" is about as intelligent as a toddler, and most of the sidequest worlds are made up entirely of steep mountains. Despite this, the game has managed to keep my attention four years after I bought it. So it's obviously doing something right.


  • TeraChimera
  • 30th Dec 10
If it's fun, maybe the title should be "Troperiffic at its Finest"? A troperiffic work generally plays with its tropes a bit more, but the difference is pretty subjective.

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