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A Heel Turn is Better For Business in the Long Run
John Cena has potential to be absolutely amazing as the top heel in the company, if only for a little while. He has a gift of drawing just about whatever type of heat he wants at will, and quite frankly, a Cena heel turn is about the only way the WWE can make the biggest match they can make, which is Cena-Undertaker at Wrestlemania, with Taker bringing his undefeated Wrestlemania streak into the match. Cena wouldn't even need to remain a heel for that long, and it would only be a matter of time before the crowd begins to turn him face anyway. And with a solid top heel run behind him, it would only make his ensuing face run that much hotter.
This is not actually a review for John Cena the wrestler.
comment #5559 MasterDon 28th Dec 10
Is there such a thing as "John Cena the wrestler"?
comment #25372 Bastard1 26th Jul 14
Problem there, bucko: 1. At this point, heel Cena is literally the worst idea for business, in both the short and long runs. Cena is the driving force for merchandise sales. He's the literal poster boy for the WWE, and with good reason. He constantly helps out the Make-A-Wish foundation, and is the hero for many-a kids in their bedrooms watching Smackdown just to see him kick the latest heel's rear end. Older fans may not like it, but they aren't the focus anymore, as proven by the switch to PG and the characters becoming more pronounced. If Cena went heel, especially when Vinnie Mac and WWE lost so much money because of how bad the Network is doing, the company would literally die by the end of August. There's no exaggeration. Kids wouldn't beg their parents to go to the local house show to see Cena anymore, Smarks would still find things to complain about and wouldn't watch any more than they do now. This point still stood when this review came out, late 2013, and everybody clamouring for Cena to go heel is only thinking about themselves, and not the business.
comment #25446 novanious 1st Aug 14
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