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Reviews Comments: A lot better than I thought Fallout New Vegas game review by CPF Mfan

I recently reviewed this game (see below), but it wasn't really so much a review as just a warning, saying the game was bug filled and couldn't be completed. I bought the 360 version of this game, which ran fine (I'm not sure if the PS 3 version has been patched yet), and now I can give an actual review of this game. First of all, I'd like to say that the game has little to no glitches, In sharp contrast to the PS 3 version. However, the loading times were a real pain in the ass, I was afraid to walk through a door because I'd have to wait 2 minutes for the game to load a small room. Anyway, enough with bugs, onto the actual game. OK, when I began this game, I thought it would be horrible. The beggining was simply abysmal, with boring quests, lame/too expensive weapons, and some of the worst voice acting in video game history (especially on that Sunny Smiles character, the one who walks you through the tutorial). However, after playing through the game for about 5 hours after just fighting Powder Gangers and giant rats with a Varmint Rifle and 9mm pistol, the quests started getting better. The first real good quest I came across was "an Eye for an Eye", dumping those barrels on the camp was really satisfying. I started finding better weapons, and the new gunplay features became more useful and interesting (iron sights and weapon mods were very nice additions to the fallout formula). The voice acting improved, and overall this game had much better production values than Fallout 3. I mean just listen to Legate Lanius, that is badass. Although I wish they had spent some of the three years developing this game on the graphics to pull all these characters out of the uncanny valley. Anyway, after getting to the Vegas Strip, the game really gets good. I'm not going to spoil anything, but the central conflict is very interesting, and unlike Fallout 3 it feels like you can actually influence the final result. One more thing: There are a lot of quests. Like, a LOT. So much that I can almost classify it as a complaint. Almost. Overall, New Vegas is a massively improved version of Fallout 3 in every regard, gunplay (iron sights and many new firearms), quests (seriously, like a LOT of quests) and voice acting (once again, I direct you to Lanius). Definitely pick it up if you are a fan of roleplaying games, BUT ONLY BUG-FREE THE 360 VERSION


  • MarkAntony
  • 20th Dec 10
Do not buy the PC version. That version doesn't work properly either. In fact, from what I can see, none of the versions work right. Obsidian needs to learn the meaning of "quality control".
  • Poptard
  • 20th Dec 10
I'd prefer an actual review instead.
  • CPFMfan
  • 20th Dec 10
I'd give you a review if I could, but I can't. This is just my experience. And my complaint isn't that it does not work right, my complaint is that it does not work at all.
  • 20th Dec 10
PC worked fine until I installed mods. Then it ran like crap. I say YMMV as always.
  • SpellBlade
  • 21st Dec 10
Game runs fine for me, and I'm on a PC as well.
  • chankljp
  • 24th Jan 11
What is it with all these complains about the large amount of bugs in the game? I already had two playthoughs of the game and so far I experienced a lot less bugs and crashes then I do when playing a single playthough of Fallout 3. Part of me is starting to think that I am either really lucky, or that some hardcore Fallout 3 fans are just making this up in order to discredit New Vegas.
  • SpellBlade
  • 25th Jan 11
I dunno. I've personally gotten more crap from Oblivion then either of those two.
  • CPFMfan
  • 26th Jan 11
Here's the original review: This is less a review and more just a warning: don't buy this game. It does not work. It freezes randomly, runs slow, and in the very beggining of the game you cannot proceed beyond a certain point because you just fall through the level. This is just the PS 3 version, I can't talk about the other ones, but simply put, the PS 3 version just flat out does not work. I've tried 3 different copies bought from 2 different video game stores, tried on 3 different play stations, and it still didn't work. Buy the 360 or PC version if you really want to play this game.
  • mrhappyface
  • 31st Jan 11
Looks, plays, and has the same share of bugs as Fallout 3 on both consoles.

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