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Reviews Comments: A very fun show The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan whole series review by Sara Jaye

Even if this one didn't do as well or last as long as its other counterparts, The Amazing Chan And The Chan Clan is still a very entertaining series. Keye Luke does an excellent job as the voice of Charlie Chan, and the voices of the children are quite good too. In particular, Jodie Foster seems very much at home in her role as Anne Chan.

The characters, despite their initial stereotypical roles, are anything but cliches. The writers gave them real personalities and quirks, which made them more like people than just cartoon cutouts, and Asian stereotyping is essentially nonexistent. Very progressive when you consider the era!

Sibling rivalry is a non-issue as well, which is a pleasant surprise considering there's ten children in that family. The kids know the value of teamwork and getting along; sure, they have their disagreements and their issues with each other, but extended rivalries and grudges don't seem to exist.

Overall, the show may be far from an epic masterpiece, but it's still quite awesome.


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