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Reviews Comments: Bizarre Name, Gem of a Show Burn Notice whole series review by KJ Mackley

I didn't know this two years ago, but a "burn notice" is a spy pinkslip indicating you are no longer trustworthy. But instead loosing a steady paycheck they cut you off from all resources, they "burn" you. Oh, the things you learn from television.

And that is the premise of this show, Michael Westen is a burned spy with no idea why. He is smart enough to think in the first episode that it might be some Government Conspiracy that wants him for a job below even regular spy work. And that mostly proves to be true. Without any sort of employer recommendation and being on the FBI "people to watch" list, he doesn't have much to go on. The only way to make ends meet is to work side-projects with a few friends helping out those in need.

It seems to be a standard We Help The Helpless type plot, and it is. But what sells the show lies entirely in the execution and characters. Michael is Dangerously Genre Savvy and Jeffery Donovan performs him as an enigma with a serious yet playful personality. Bruce Campbell is... well, Bruce Campbell. Sam is right up his alley, suave yet obnoxious (in a good way). Gabrielle Anwar is Fiona, who has some problems because of the writing. Fiona is tough but also falls into the trap of being the "prissy female" of the group. It's a difficult character to balance out, but being so aggressive does avoid the pitfall of being The Load. Sharon Gless is Madeline, but her role is just someone for Michael to worry about.

The show aims to subvert as much of the complicated spy drama as much as possible. What convinced me to keep watching the show comes from a well known line from the pilot "Guns make you dumb. I'd much rather fight my wars with duct tape. Duct tape makes you smart." They aim to make the plans simple but hinge on the skills that Michael employs, so Dont Try This At Home. Like the best of the action genre these are characters that spend time trying to think their way through a situation, very rarely does it come down to a fist fight.

Part of the fun is seeing just how badly Michael and co. outclass their current foe. But when you want him to have a challenge, there is always a rare competant Villain Of The Week and the Myth Arc involving the organization that burned him. But even on an episodic basis it keeps you entertained. You can't ask for much more than that.


  • novium
  • 14th Jul 09
tvtropes is what convinced me to finally give Burn Notice a try, and I'm glad I did, because it is just as awesome as described above. Bruce Campbell is doubly awesome as Sam. And then there's humor and explosions and cleverness and some pretty cool action scenes. And a little eye candy. (Or a lot, depending on your preferences).
  • SweetMadness
  • 11th Aug 09
My older brother got me into Burn Notice. I was originally reluctant to watch it, since I was wary that it would be a myth-arc-heavy show, and I wouldn't understand the plots or characters if I jumped into the middle of a season. I was very happy that I was wrong: the episodes stand on their own just fine, and the characters are consistent enough to connect with right off the bat. Highly recommended.
  • dotchan
  • 13th Sep 09
I occasionally watch it on TV, and I think it'd only take a few more episodes to turn me into a loyal follower. I like to amuse myself by imagining Michael Weston existing in the CSI Miami 'verse for extra hilarity.
  • 16th Jan 11
I love Burn Notice. The characters interest me, and the actors make it worth watching!
  • voodoochild
  • 6th Feb 11
Nice review, but I have to take exception to Madeline being described as "just someone for Michael to worry about". Madeline may have started out as a nagging hypochondriac, but she's grown into a great character who provides some of the show's best moments.

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