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Reviews Comments: carla's review A Matter Of Honor fanfic review by carla

i have to say this is a thoroughly entertaining piece. it's my go-to fanfic when i want to read something AtLA, simply because it's hilarious and at the same time thoroughly heartwarming.

it's not the most poetic or introspective writing, certainly (the narration comes from toph's PoV, after all). it rather bothered me that many scenes depended almost exclusively on the dialogue, and didn't have suitable accompanying description. it also drags at parts— the avatarverse is certainly fantastic, but i admit i skipped most of the parts where the gods made their appearance, i found them too much and not very interesting (except whenever agni and the fish interacted with zuko and sokka. you don't want to skips those parts, they're absolutely hilarious!) and el tuerto, which i just found completely out of place. also, some characters (katara springs to mind) felt very OOC at parts.

but even with all of this, it's clear that adridere knows how to work the relationships between the Nakama (not only the couples, the relationship between the girls, and between the guys as well) in a way that is engaging, which i absolutely loved. all of them get their whatever changes she made to the characters' personalities makes sense when it's explained, and seriously, this story is HILARIOUS. it knows how to be silly without being ridiculous, and the fact that we're seeing it all from toph's... uh, feet (LOL), with her sarcastic remarks and her irreverent nicknaming and her Genre Savvy, makes it completely awesome.

if you're looking for zutara, it sorta gets hijacked by toph, but you'll find little moments in the fic that will sate your thirst for them. definitely recommended!


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