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Reviews Comments: Zaptech's review A Matter Of Honor fanfic review by carla

A spectacular and hilarious story told primarily from Toph's POV with a good start, decent middle, and kickass final act. All of the Gaang are strongly presented, with Toph's characterization being spot-on with her sarcasm, combative nature, and strong-willed independence. The story initially starts off as a Zuko/Katara fic being told from Toph's perspective, which unsurprisingly results in her particulary brand of wit and bluntness being applied to the romance, but as the story progresses it steadily becomes a Toph/Aang plot. Commendable for its mature approach to the canon pairings, as the relationship between Aang and Katara and how it conflicts with the other romances forms a major part of the plot, and none of the romances start suddenly or abruptly; there's plenty of development and build-up, and in the later parts of the story the romances are particularly strong and believable, especially when Toph and Aang start butting heads. Also worth noting is that the humor is very mature, and sexual themes abound (the Gaang are in their late teens, after all), but it never descends into anything crass or explicit. On the negative side, the story does start to drag in the middle - the trip to the Spirit World is in my opinion the weakest part of the plot - and the author isn't a native English speaker, so there are some grammatical errors. A few of the minor characters are a bit OC, and Earth King Kuei feels a bit too manipulative and dastardly for me, but he's still mostly in-character. Overall, an excellent shipping fic, especially if you like mature humor, Zutara, or Taang, with a solid plot and extremely good characterization, particularly of Toph.


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