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Reviews Comments: An unsigned review Ashes Ashes fanfic review by carla

Beautifully written from the second person POV. The portrayal of Mai's death made my heart clench and nearly had me in tears. I'm not a fan of tragedy, but the author wrote the tragic parts beautifully. Ty Lee's conflict throughout was so strong and clear, the way she cared but tried not to show how much. The whole ending where Ty Lee realized that the only way to save Zuko was to let him save someone, even if it was her really spoke to me. It left a lot open for wondering what could happen next. Made me think, and made me both very sad (in a good way) and very intrigued. I also really liked the way the author explored the idea of what Ty Lee would do if she didn't help Mai, but was faced with the same decision—help stop Azula—later on when Zuko and Katara arrived. The ambiguous ending leaves it open for a possible hopeful ending later on.


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