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Reviews Comments: Jacob Greyson's review of Book 2 Children Of Trilogy fanfic review by carla

Book 2, on the other hand, is a complete work, a retelling the entire second season in this alternate universe where Jeong Jeong never became a defector, and the whole world changed because of it. Because of a few tiny changes in the first book, the motivations are vastly different for many of the principle characters. Since each book also seems to encompass a year, instead of 3 months, they are also growing up rapidly as well. Zuko loses his anger to melancholy, and Azula's obviously not on an even keel even when she's sent to the Earth Kingdoms. And Ty Lee? Well, she's not sure if Azula's is the side she needs to be on. While the events seem to follow the same general course, there are a few surprises, and some moments which are downright heartwarming.


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