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Few people are hated by film critics as much as Michael Bay. And in a lot of ways, he deserves that wrath. His films are stupid, contain poorly written plots, little characterization, and exist just to show off explosions and hot women. After all, film critics are supposed to judge a movie by it's artistic quality, and Bay's films come nowhere near that.

However, that's not how I judge movies.

I judge movies by their entertainment value. And in that respect he succeeds. As stated earlier, his movies exist mearly to show off explosions. And sometimes, that's what I want. Armageddon and Transformers are good examples of poor quality movies that are still enjoyable despite their flaws (though in terms of entertainment value, ROTF was weaker than most). While I think other directors are better at this than Bay, his films can still be enjoyed by someone in the right mood. The only problem I have with Bay is his rather uncomfortable use of racial stereotypes at times. Apart from that, I like his work.

However, I understand entirely if Transformers fandom hates his guts.
Even though I am a HUGE fan of Michael Bay, I still admit taht his plots need work. For the most part, I can just shut off the logic part of my brain and enjoy his movies for what they are; a marathon of action and awesome BAYSPLOSIONS!

If plot's the problem, then all Michael (or one of his writers) has to do is invoke The Law Of Bruce and make the villain a Dangerously Genre Savvy Chessmaster who uses Batman Gambits that take advantage of the hero's victories and all the explosions (Hell, why not just go all the way and make the Big Bad a Magnificent Bastard?)
comment #10058 Kersey475 18th Sep 11
Actually I'd say the first Transformer was actually pretty good,the characterization was decent enough and the plot was actually straightforward rather than holed up like ROTF or simply non-existent. Even the comic relief was alright,until the sequel.

And ya' know what,they aren't screened for Critics and for what he does,he does well which can't be said for other directors compared to him like Uwe Boll or Seltzer and Friedberg or in recent times M Night Shyamalan.

Though Roland Emmerich is definitely a better alternative since his explosions are always better and the characterizations are actually worth something (except in Godzilla,that was just stupid)
comment #10060 terlwyth 18th Sep 11
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