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Reviews Comments: A High-Stakes Game of Cat-and-Mouse Light And Dark The Adventures Of Dark Yagami fanfic review by Metro Subway Android

Many comparisons have been made between My Immortal and Light And Dark The Adventures of Dark Yagami, but even though they share a lot of the same core appeal, an important distinction needs to be made.

My Immortal is a Harry Potter story in perhaps the most superficial way achievable. It has almost nothing in common with its source material aside from a handful of names and places. As a literary journey, it\'s unpredictable and unforgettable, but as a piece of Harry Potter fanfiction, it doesn\'t have much to offer.

While Light And Dark is also a delightful, profoundly bonkers adventure, it also manages to tap into a great deal of what makes its source material so thrilling. It\'s a high-stakes game of cat-and-mouse in which the person with the upper hand could change in an instant. The game is dictated by rules of an otherworldly origin, and discovering the existence of rules yet unknown to your opponent is just another part of the game. It feels like a Death Note story, albeit a deeply, deeply silly one. As such, I highly recommend this to fans of Death Note, especially those with a taste for this sort of absurdity. It\'s not nearly as subtle as My Immortal; it\'s obvious from as early as the first chapter that Light And Dark could only have ever been intended as a joke, but with that being said, I still think it\'s a thoroughly enjoyable joke.


  • MetroSubwayAndroid
  • 28th Jul 17
Since some folks might be feeling unsure about the upcoming Netflix series, I feel like it might be a good time to sit down and appreciate some of the excellent incarnations of this franchise we\'ve received over the years, which is partially why I felt motivated to write a review about this one.

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