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Reviews Comments: Too cynical to force upon a 12-year old Tangerine film/book review by Mad Cormorant

That\'s all I can really say about this book based on what I can recall of it. My command of English at the time was lackluster, to say the least, but I\'m of the opinion that reading about everyone turning a blind eye upon an Eric Harris-esque sociopath in their midst is not fun, especially not at age 11 or 12.

Perhaps it\'s not meant to be—perhaps the author harnessed the suspense of the situation and the protagonist\'s lost/repressed memories well enough for this to be good re-reading material.

For now, though, I\'ll just throw this opinion out there. It\'s similar to how I feel about American Pastoral—Philip Roth is a brilliant writer, and someone an aspiring writer can look up to, but that book should never have been assigned to a 17-year old, even if that 17-year old is considered competent to handle an Advanced Placement literature class.


  • YasminPerry
  • 5th Jul 17
Well, that was exactly what I liked about the book (I wrote this \'\'TvT\'\' page for it, by the way). Yes, it\'s highly cynical, but that\'s what makes it realistic, not to mention how Erik is probably going to juvie or jail at the end ( a more \"harder\" cynical ending would have made him a Karma Houdini).

Though I am a bit biased as this was one of the first middle-grade books I ever read, so it\'s a tad nostalgic for me.
  • MadCormorant
  • 15th Jul 17
Nostalgia is a very valid reason for liking books. I, for instance, still have a weakness for The Outsiders even though as others have mentioned before it\'s not exactly the best written thing out there—and I\'m inclined to agree.

I guess I generally don\'t have such a great opinion of books I had to read when my English wasn\'t fluent. I could barely make head or tail out of My Brother Sam Is Dead, for instance. Johnny Tremain was better, partly because of the main character getting taken down a notch and learning to cope with it—a relatable situation for a lot of people, young or old. Of course, nowadays I\'d generally prefer to read straight histories of the American Revolution.

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