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Reviews Comments: Decent Start, Awful Treatment Chunin Exam Day fanfic review by Nictis

Most stories mimicking All You Need is Kill tend to be fun. That\'s what this is, a fun (Long) story with the general idea of endless repeats down... Well, the theory of it anyways.

If you want to see Naruto screw around, get frustrated, and then be a badass due to literally repeating the same time frame, then sure. Enjoy it. For a bit. (Nothing gets to react to his changes. It is all him, so fun but not challenging)

The beginning is good, promising. Sure, the characters are a little shallow but that\'s okay, it\'s the start and he will get better right?

Naruto commonly forces Temari to be his Girlfriend (Along with others) by being Gaara\'s new friend.

This is a common theme in PL\'s work, he tends to make the women in his stories to be nothing more than objects to trade or achieve.

Don\'t even get me started on how he treats the readers...

Excerpts from his A Ns Chapter 2: A hearty thanks to all of you who reviewed, I wish there were more but isn\'t that always the case? Chapter 14: Sheesh, if you can\'t figure out something so simple, I\'d rather you don\'t read this. (14 Really shows off his hate. Read the AN)


  • Nictis
  • 11th Apr 17
I would like to apologize about how jumpy my review is, I am not very good at writing them.

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