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Reviews Comments: Uncharted 4 Review from Series Newbie Uncharted game review by Tempest Knight

I\'ll start this review by admitting that A Thief\'s End is my first Uncharted game. Also, this review is NOT spoiler-free. You have been warned.


— The stealth mechanics — my favourite part. You have to be pretty careful if you don\'t want to be spotted. But those stealth kills are just. So. Awesome.

— The game world. I\'m still new to the PS4 and I\'ve come to realize just how powerful it is.The places you\'ll go are amazing. The level of detail and atmosphere must be seen to be believed.

— The action. This is a cinematic experience. When the action picks up, it REALLY picks up. We were hiding from snipers, jumping through collapsing buildings, and desperately dodging an armoured car — twice!

— The Crash Bandicoot cameo. Crash is my favourite video game series, particularly the games made by ND. It\'s a good nod to their roots, and was an awesome nod to the character\'s return.


Sam\'s deception. I played the game as Sam in that one chapter. I didn\'t just see his memories; I was him. To tell me that was all a lie halfway through the game is pretty poor storytelling (and a bit clichéd, honestly). And he never faces any punishment for it. Also, I\'m no expert, but I\'ve done some research and found that the character was never in any game prior.

— Nadine. Go onto the YMMV page of this article and you\'ll see people calling her a complex Anti-Villain who cares about her troops. I saw no hint of that in the game. She is a murderer who only cares about her own survival — if she cared about her troops they probably wouldn\'t turn against her at the end. There\'s also the small matter of her troops opening fire in the middle of a city square filled with innocents — including children! The only thing in her favour is that she\'s smarter than Raef, but that would only make her pragmatic, not sympathetic. Understand — it doesn\'t bother me that she\'s a black woman who\'s shown to have superior fighting skills to Nate — I\'m not racist or sexist. What bothers me is that people think she deserved to get away — when she\'s clearly a mercenary with significant amounts blood on her hands. Also, I note that there\'s a significant lack of female mercenaries in her group. The fact that they\'re making an entire DLC based on Nadine just rubs me the wrong way. I hope that she either dies at the end, or is given a REALLY good reason for acting the way she does.

In spite of my complaints, this was an awesome experience. I wouldn\'t mind trying the older Uncharted games. In fact, I\'m a bit depressed that this is supposedly the final chapter of the series — I\'d love to go on another adventure with Nathan Drake.



  • Tomwithnonumbers
  • 25th Feb 17
That cameo was great.

If you go back and play the older games (there\'s a HD triple-pack edition for the PS4), make sure to review them here! It will be an interesting perspective. I always imagine it might be a bit rough going through a franchise backwards - Uncharted 4\'s mechanics are so much more polished than Uncharted 1, because of course they are, they\'ve spent 3 games improving them. .
  • TempestKnight
  • 1st Mar 17
Thanks for the compliment :) I might check out the older games in the future.
  • TempestKnight
  • 28th Apr 17
I have released another review of the game on my youtube channel. Watch it here:

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